How Giveaway Bots Are Helping With Business Success


In the digital era, companies are trying everything they can to make their information go viral. Among the many options marketers have, the giveaway bot looks like it’s doing a tremendous job.

What giveaway bots do actually, why they are good, and how to use them are going to be the subject in this article. If you want to learn more, read this article and find out more about it!

What Are Giveaway Bots?

This specially designed bot is made to create a reward game and pick a game’s winner. The options are being chosen by the creator of the giveaway — the rate, amount, options, and everything that might be important for the whole campaign.

They are being installed on social networks. Some of the most popular ones are, without a doubt, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Together, they have more than 5 billion users, and these places offer the best opportunity for a product to become popular.

How Do Giveaways Work?

The best way to use the giveaway bot is to install on the company’s profile on a certain social network. Also, influencers can use it as a favor to the company they’re advertising for. Basically, the giveaway is made to get a wider public and make the business success.

If the giveaway is done well, and the bot is programmed properly, it will spike lots of comments and people will keep coming on your profile in order to win the prize. This is both good for the users and for the company. Why? Because users get a chance to win the prize, and the company gets the product go viral, and lots of people see it.

The usual way, and proven to be the best, is when the bot announces what’s the prize and asks from the users to do a certain task — whether it be sharing, liking, posting a comment, or something else. One of the best ways is to post an emoji because marketers found out that emojis are widely accepted by the public as a positive thing. See why people online love the emoji game here.

When lots of people add comments or share, this is seen by the rest of the members on that social network. Everyone starts seeing the ad and the campaign, and this is what marketers call viral marketing.

In the end, the final outcome is getting a virally made ad campaign. The companies see a lot of benefit because of this action. It is one of the most used techniques for brand promotion lately because it shows that this option gets better results than any other one in more than 100%.

There’s nothing similar to this. It is exceptionally affordable, and the value for the investment, no matter how big it is, is extraordinary. For example, if the giveaway is something insignificant, like toothpaste, the turnout will not be spectacular. However, if you’re a company that makes shoes and you make a giveaway for the new pair of sneakers that still haven’t hit the stores will show amazing results.

Thousands of people will share the post, and you’ll get tons of potential customers. For $100 you get thousands of followers, which the traditional techniques will take thousands of dollars.


How To Install?

This is not something that needs an exceptional and experienced programmer. It’s enough to have basic skills. Most giveaway bots are made with a simple interface and options that are not hard to operate.

Every GiveAway Bot is a program that is being implemented fairly simply by a standard installation on the computer. When this is done, the creator of the software will give you credentials to edit the campaign.

When inside the interface, you should enter some personalized information in order to make the campaign as more appealing and better as possible. For example, uploading some photos, programming the bot to reply to people’s comments, and many other options depending on the complexity of the bot and the power it has.

What Do You Get?

There are more different strategies about how to do this. It’s important to know that in a lot of cases, more can become less. Never overwhelm users with actions. Keep it simple. Ask your potential customers to do a simple task. Keeping customers happy is an important issue that must be considered.

If you’re doing this on Facebook, which by the way, has over 2.5 billion users every month, people will start commenting in the try to get the reward. The platform will start showing this to their friends, depending on the algorithm. This way, more and more people will join, and you’ll get more visitors.

If you’re doing this on Instagram, or YouTube, you’ll have to come up with a different strategy because the algorithm there prevents other people from seeing what certain user comments or shares. The system is more complex there. This is why you’ll ask the clients to do something more complex. See some interesting differences between social networks here:


A lot of marketers refuse to do it because they believe that good news travels fast. The strategy to keep things simple is more suitable for them. They think that asking customers to do complicated actions will only do more bad than good for the company. That’s why they keep the same strategy that they use for Facebook even though the results are not so significant on other social networks. Twitter, which is ranked pretty low with 321 million active users, also has the same option of platform sharing on its own. Still, having fewer users than others, it’s not the most loved platform among marketers.


As you can see, this is an amazing strategy to get more visitors and customers. Marketers love it as they get so much action from it. It used to be so hard to get a product’s ad go viral, but with this, it seems like it became so easy. Millennials love commenting on the internet and getting rewards, and they make almost 35% of the total spending power, so this is diffidently the best option.

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