How to Boost Responses Using Email Marketing For Your Business

How to Boost Responses Using Email Marketing For Your Business?

Even after years of its inception, email is still one of the most popular communication methods. Sure, there are other methods; however, it is the best way to connect with your customers.

With over a 4 billion user base of web users, emails still remain the first choice of organizations to advertise their offerings not only for gaining leads but also to create awareness about their business.

Furthermore, one of the fascinating facts is that the ROI of email marketing is $38 for every dollar spent on the campaigns. The strategy is better than SEO, Affiliate Marketing and other marketing options on a cost-effective basis. Email marketing needs to become an intelligent approach to market services or products.

Check out the things you can do to increase your business via email marketing:

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

All of us receive a bunch of marketing emails every day! Yet, we never look at them. Why? Okay, so you have composed an email, now take a step back and give it a thorough read. Are you getting influenced by this email? No, then you need to change your strategy! How can you expect your subscribers to get engaged with that mail if you cannot involve yourself?

The simplest way to grab the attention of your potential customers is by using a creative subject line. That’s the simplest thing you can do to grasp their attention and force them to read the whole email.

Moreover, once you have coerced them to open that mail, make sure to write the email engagingly! You can tell them how your services can solve their problems.

Never USE “no-Reply” Email addresses 

Although, it is entirely common sense that how will your subscribers connect with you if they can’t reply to that email address? Even then, most of us make this mistake. If they don’t respond, you cannot have valuable feedback. And feedback will help you in improving your services.

So, what can you do? Well, send emails from that email address that can receive replies! You don’t have to use your email address; you can consider setting up a shared inbox.

Moreover, add your company’s address and contact details. To help customers to connect with you. Encourage them to stay in touch and make sure that someone is always there to reply to emails forthwith!

Mobile Responsive Emails Are a must!

Around 63% of US consumers will delete emails if they don’t open them on their mobile. Aren’t we always sticking to our mobiles? Yes, then why can’t you optimize settings so that your subscribers can reply to your emails through phones! Do you know what could be worse? They read your email, find your services helpful and want to connect but couldn’t because the design prohibits them from doing so!

Therefore, make sure that any links or downloads are free to open via mobiles and browsers. This way, your efforts in email marketing will not go to the dustbin!


These days AI has simplified most of our daily tasks. Do you know you can use AI for email marketing too? Well, yes, you can! Whenever a user surfs your website by signing up with their email address. You can add them to your email subscribers list. Also, when your potential customer downloads something from your website.

You can send them emails based on their requirements to persuade them to use your product without making it feel like a marketing strategy. And all this just by automating your marketing strategies.

Evaluate Performance

What’s the point of sending emails if you can’t find out whether you are doing well or not? Everyone is analyzing data to become better. You can do the same! Just focus on opening rate, click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate and response rate. By analyzing this data, you can not only give better services to your newsletter subscribers, but you can improve your services too!

Send Emails in the Evening

The right time to send emails matters a lot! Surveys have consistently revealed that most people read emails once they are back from work in the evening. They check their email inbox while wrapping up routine tasks. It makes sense to send emails in the evenings! Even if they check their emails before going to bed, your mail will be at the top!

We know what you must be thinking now! Employees also leave offices in the evening, then who will send the mails? Well, as you know, AI is our best friend. You can make use of a scheduling tool to reduce your workload.

Summing up

Keep these things in mind when you send emails next time. And if you want some professionals to do email marketing for you. You can check klaviyo email marketing to set the proper schedule and draft those emails for your business. It makes sense to take help from templates as well as professionals because they are proficient at what they do!

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