Sergey Tokarev About Ukrainian Military Tech: Military High Tech Trends To Resist Attacks From Russia

Regarding the current situation in Ukraine, military technology development plays a significant role and will continue to grow. One of the biggest requests is to develop drones, electronic warfare systems, and analytics systems. Sergey Tokarev, the Founding Partner of the Roosh tech company, shared the potential trends in IT military tech.

In their opposition to war, Ukrainians are widely using new technologies in order to upgrade the existing weapons made in USSR. For example, Sergey Tokarev exemplifies the modernization of old drones, which are now able to fly over 1,200 km without being noticed by Russian air defense systems. Also, he mentions a cheap and advanced air defense system detecting Russian Shahed drones at an early stage by sound.

The entrepreneur believes that drone development will be the most rapid in the tech military. Ultimately, the use of UAVs reveals a great advantage: when hitting any object, it doesn’t bring any risk to people’s lives. Tokarev spoke about the Ukrainian project Army of Drones. The project allocated 20 million hryvnias for purchasing professional unmanned drones made in Ukraine.

Another big achievement in developing Ukrainian military technologies is the military tech cluster release. It was announced by the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

Taking stock of the current war situation, Sergey Tokarev thinks the war can be long, and Ukraine needs to be prepared to resist attacks from the Russian aggressor and develop its own military technologies. That is why the Ukrainian IT sector has succeeded significantly. Some experts are developing unmanned drone control systems, electronic warfare systems and are engaged in analyzing satellite images. Tokarev noticed his company Roosh is not involved in any military tech projects, yet he personally is engaged in related areas – both from financial and organizational sides.



“We should realize that the war is for long, that the aggressive neighbor is not going to disappear. As I understand it, the worst thing will happen not today, but in the following 5-10 years. It is clear that now Russia will lose, the Russians will not accept this humiliation and will try to revenge. The question is what we will do to prevent it,” says Tokarev.

According to Sergey Tokarev, another potential trend is remote-control technology development: unmanned tanks and small jet UAVs. Also, there is one project under development that will allow one to hide a box with a “swarm” of drones on the battlefield under the ground, so it opens only under certain conditions and, if necessary, attacks and destroys the enemy with the help of small charges. When it comes to robotic development, the businessman states robots are not effective enough on the battlefield yet.

The Roosh Founder adds that the world has not seen a war on such a scale yet. The use of high tech is tremendous and unleashes other strategies to combat and defense. Tokarev assumes that every future potential military conflict will be fully “unmanned.” This allows persevering more manpower on the front lines.

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