4 Tools To Strengthen Business Communication

Do you want your company to be the best in your industry? I am sure it is. And people who go far have always done it as a team. It is enough to remember the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, to reiterate that communication is very important when it comes to achieving great goals. Therefore, if you and your organization seek high goals, you must strengthen your communication channels.

Tools to Facilitate Business Communication

Since computing revolutionized the world, corporate communication stopped being limited to good manners; Now, the companies that stand out have technological tools that streamline and facilitate business interaction and, therefore, teamwork, which leads to better results overall.

In this article, we share 4 tools to help you achieve your business goals:

SharePoint: Effective Communication Sites

With this tool, your collaborators can easily create portals to share news, statuses, reports and other communications, in an attractive way. SharePoint is characterized by being a simple and functional experience for its users, who have the possibility of designing their sites from scratch or from templates.

You can also add lists, document libraries, pages, news posts, and web applications to portals. In this way, your work teams will have communication sites as secure channels to receive and share important data. Do you want to know more? Read SharePoint contributions on internal collaboration.

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Teams: Instant and Group Communication

No more hassles from slow email communication. With Microsoft Team, your collaborators will coordinate in a more relaxed and fast way whenever they require it, through virtual workspaces. This proposal integrates instant messaging, in order to streamline the interaction between certain groups of employees who work for common objectives.

Due to the facilities it provides, this tool strengthens teamwork and increases productivity, since it allows communication by projects, campaigns or tasks. This enables everyone to participate, brainstorm, report problems, and come up with solutions quickly and on the fly. In the following link, you can read the 5 benefits of using the Microsoft Team in your company.

Yammer: the Business Facebook

When it comes to establishing open and horizontal communication channels that are attractive and simple, Yammer is the best alternative. It is known as the business social network par excellence, as it emulates the interface of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but adapts to the needs of companies.

It integrates reactions, comments, labels, the creation of personal profiles and private groups, the option to follow other users and has a mobile version, among other important features. In the following notes, you can learn more about what Microsoft Yammer is and how to use it and why it won’t distract your team.

Stream: the Corporate YouTube

Every day, audiovisual communication gains greater prominence in companies. Live broadcasts, tutorials, conferences, pieces of training, meetings and many other important activities permeate daily life, so you have to have the right channel.

With Stream, your work team will have all the functions of a video platform plus the advantages of Stream and its integration with the other Office tools. In the following article, you can learn more about what Microsoft Stream is and what it is for.

If you have reached the end of this article, it is because you want to bring excellence to your company and you want your team to meet its goals efficiently. The tools Office 365 Consulting help achieve these goals; For this reason, below I share the offers of the Microsoft suite in Costa Rica and Panama so that you can evaluate the options in case you decide to implement them.

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