Classy & Salesforce Integration Guide: How To Connect Your Data


Classy is a leading online fundraising platform for nonprofits and a preferred partner of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. This payment processing software can be integrated directly with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Many organizations find database integration software helpful for supporting a Blackbaud Salesforce integration and ensuring the successful transfer of all donation data from Classy to Salesforce.

Classy & Salesforce Checklist

While Classy and Salesforce come with basic integration functionality, it is important that organizations be aware of the parameters of direct connecting these platforms. It is possible to directly integrate Classy with Salesforce NPSP custom objects, workflows and tools. Donors, fundraisers and team captains can also sync Classy contact data with Salesforce and apply duplicate and matching rules from Salesforce to Classy contacts.

Challenges may arise when tracking recurring donations made through online donation systems. Rather than manually working around this obstacle, integration software can make it possible to automatically update recurring gift records. The right platform can also provide solutions for other functions that present obstacles in connecting the Classy fundraising and Salesforce for Nonprofits donor relationship management platforms.

How Omatic Can Help Connect Your Data

A data management solution such as Omatic can be helpful for organizations combining multiple software platforms. Omatic is a cloud-based platform designed for use by nonprofits that supports Salesforce NPSP and many online, third-party fundraising services used in this sector.

Connectors and a variety of utilities such as ImportOmatic for data imports and MergeOmatic for eliminating duplicate records allow for automation and data improvement across platforms. These cloud-based utilities provide the functionality that nonprofit staff, volunteers and stakeholders need to maintain the highest quality donor data and ensure that donation records stay current.

How To Connect Recurring Donations

Omatic provides the integration support needed to maintain current records of recurring donations between Classy and Salesforce NPSP. While Salesforce has the ability to process individual or batch gift entries and offers organizations the option to use the Recurring Donations Package or NPSP Payments Package for cash method or accrual reporting, respectively, the utilities for keeping current records provided by Omatic can ensure that every recurring donation is reported across platforms.

The implementation process should account for the cash or accrual accounting methods that are in use at an organization. A cash method reports transactions in the period in which they are fulfilled, whereas an accrual approach reports income or expenses in the period of time in which events occur, rather than when accounts are settled. It may be necessary to adjust the picklist choice in Salesforce NPSP to account for promised and committed pledges or other measures to account for donations that are pledged or open and transactions that have been closed.

Organizations that seek to combine the fundraising capabilities of Classy with the donor data management power of Salesforce for Nonprofits should consider the best software integration solution. A cloud-based platform built for nonprofits has built-in support for both of these platforms and can also connect data from Classy and Salesforce with Raiser’s Edge NXT and other popular software used by not-for-profit organizations.

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