How Technology Making Improvements In The Eyewear Industry


While some people might argue that the eyewear industry hasn’t changed so much over the years. But, if you’ve been wearing eyeglasses for a long time now or are an optician, you might take issue with it.

Although eyeglasses and sunglasses have become more of an accessory, the technological revolution in the eyewear industry cannot be overlooked. People are expecting more from their glasses – something that makes buying and using glasses a breeze.

Frame Materials Have Come A Long Way

Frames today are nothing like what they used to make back in the day. Earlier, people had to make do with chunky frames that were not only too heavy for your delicate eyes but didn’t work well for your looks either.

But now, you have sustainable and more modern frame materials such as transparent acetate or compound wood. Not only are modern frames comfortable but they’re more friendly to the environment as well.

Also, you can find a large variety of frames based on your lifestyle which was rare to find during the initial days of eyewear.

Thus, the frame designs you see in men’s glasses or women’s glasses nowadays are vivid, attractive and make for a strong fashion statement. They are aesthetically pleasing and you can wear these frames for long hours without weighing down your face.

The Difference in Lens Materials

Where lenses were made from real glasses when eyeglasses were first invented, today you get them in polycarbonate materials. Thus, lenses today are less prone to damage which provides durability to your glasses.

Also, lenses today are lightweight which takes away the weight from your eyeglasses and feel comfortable. Also, they are equipped with several coatings and filters on the surface which protect your eyes from artificial as well as UV light.

Where anti-UV treatment on the lenses blocks damaging UV rays, anti-glare glasses give you a clear vision in every light setting. There are also glasses that block the blue light which reduces digital eye strain and make screen time easier on your eyes.

You also now have options in lenses such as photochromic and tinted that give you the features of both eyeglasses and sunglasses in just one pair. You now have wide options in lens tints available to you so you can choose the best one for your vision needs.

Virtual Glasses Try On

A major reason why people weren’t supportive of the idea of buying glasses online is not being able to physically try them on. As eyeglasses make for a significant part of your look, you need to find the right frame that goes with your face shape and skin colour.

But, since the virtual try-on feature came into existence, you can find more and more people are opting to buy glasses online in the UK as they are available at affordable rates.

With this feature, you can try on different frames available on the website in real-time and make better purchase decisions.

The eyewear industry has changed over the past years. The strides of technology are touching every aspect of eyewear to give users unique experiences. It’s not only improving the shopping experience but adding more and more features to your eyeglasses.

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