Reasons to Celebrate Food Serving Robot in Restaurants

When you think of robots serving kitchens as something straight out of a sci-fi movie, the day has come when robots become the norm as restaurant automation technology becomes more commonplace as restaurant owners and managers look to use technology to improve restaurant efficiency. Robots are not taking over the world, but they are taking over some necessary functions in restaurants. In this article, we’ll talk about why you should celebrate robots in restaurants if you’re a restaurateur.

1. People are not Eliminated

One of the reasons people are resistant to robots in restaurants is that they seem like they’re taking jobs away from hard-working people. Truth be told, robots are not going to replace people in restaurants. Many years ago, manufacturing machines were seen as the downfall of the workforce, but instead, they helped people do their jobs more efficiently. As more and more people begin to understand that robots are not replacing them in their jobs, the level of social acceptance will continue to rise.

2. Help with a Personnel Crisis

There are positions in kitchens that are extremely difficult to staff. Since it’s so difficult to keep people in these positions, these are the obvious positions to start placing robots. Some of the jobs that have high turnover are dishwasher positions and mundane tasks such as preparing the same meals over and over again.

Restaurants Are Firing Their Robot Waitstaff for Poor Performance - Eater

Instead of constantly recruiting staff for these positions, robots will be able to take care of these simple tasks to help the restaurant keep the kitchen running efficiently. The cure for turnover in the kitchen could be robots. This ongoing challenge is a constant problem and pain point for many restaurateurs, and having a viable solution to the problem could change the way things are done on a day-to-day basis.

3. Customer Experience

Some people are very concerned about how the customer experience is affected by food service robot in restaurants. There is concern that an impersonal experience may cause problems in generating repeat customers and may leave the customer feeling negative about the restaurant. The truth is that people are now more used to working with machines than people with online ordering and shopping, so the transition to robots in brick-and-mortar establishments seems natural.

Robots and customer experience have their pros and cons, but the cons are small, and the benefits of consistent service and brand experience often outweigh those cons. The ability to have privacy while eating and socializing is one of the advantages of robots in restaurants.

4. Lower Rates for Restaurant Guests

With lower labour costs, restaurants are able to pass these savings on to their customers. Serving affordable meals that are tasty and healthy allows guests to have a great experience without breaking the bank. Since the meals are prepared by robots, worries about food waste, inconsistencies and human errors such as entering the wrong order are eliminated. The fewer mistakes made in the kitchen, the less the business will cost, which means more savings passed on to the guests.

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