Rolling Utility Cart – Put Some Wheels under That Load

You have things to move. Everyone does. It is a simple fact of life. It might be as simple as a load or two of laundry or some groceries. Maybe you have to take out the garbage or the recycling bins. Don’t strain your back. Work smart, not hard! Put some wheels under those loads and stop carrying all that stuff! Get yourself a rolling utility cart and carry more than one load of stuff at once.

Rolling utility carts are also a great idea for the elderly. It can be difficult carrying all of those bags of groceries into the house. With a cart they won’t have to make multiple trips to the car to load and unload their groceries. Put them all into the cart and roll them right into the kitchen. They are small but once you load them once or twice you will know exactly what you can and cannot carry in one load. Most of these carts will fold up for easy storage. So when you are not using them, they will not be in the way.

These carts are also a great addition to any office. No more breaking your back carrying boxes full of files to the filing cabinet. Need to head to the copy room and make lots of copies? Don’t carry all of that paper, put it all in the cart and roll it the easy way. You will save a ton of time and you won’t break your back in the process.

How To Buy Monitor Arms That’s Right for Your Office

Monitor Arms is a convenience tool for your office. To learn how to buy a monitor stand that’s right for your office, first take note of the desk space that you have. If desk space is limited on a number of office desks, consider the amount of free space to be gained.

Next, configure the space needed for a monitor that will be placed in the mechanical arm. The whole purpose of this particular convenience is to make the monitor more mobile for the computer user as well as to free more desk space. One other important feature is that positioning a monitor at a comfortable level may reduce stress on neck and shoulders.

A Monitor Arm in Cubicles

One of the best places for the use of a monitor stand is where ever cubicles are used as part of an office furniture arrangement. Today’s computer monitors are light in weight and this makes it easier to place them in various positions with the use of a monitor arm. They are particularly essential when a cubicle is relatively short on floor space.

There are two types to choose from: desk mounted or wall mounted. In addition, these arms can pivot or they may have a “float” rotation that can vary the rotation of the arm in terms of height or right to left movement. In the wall-mounted type, most provide clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.

Adjustable Monitor Arms

For LCD Adjustable Monitor Arms, a movable arm designed for LCD monitor use provides best viewing range. These arms can rotate up to 180 degrees up or down. They also tilt the monitor up or down for better viewing angles. They are ergonomically ideal for the newer types of monitors. In some offices dual monitors are used for graphic displays or dual views of spreadsheets. The mechanical arms for dual monitors can hold a monitor from 13 to 15 pounds and the center poles are adjustable in height. Certain of these arms are capable of full 360-degree rotations and may have an attached platform.

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