Spring Cleaning: The Tips That Nobody Ever Suggests

Spring Cleaning: The Tips That Nobody Ever Suggests

It’s the job that nobody likes to do, but like it or not, it’s one that’s not going away.

Particularly now that most of us are spending more time in our homes at the moment, it could be said that spring cleaning has even become a little more common for us.

Nevertheless, regardless of how often you incorporate it into your routine, today’s post will explore a selection of ways in which you can approach spring cleaning more effectively – and make it work better for your home.

The Top-To-Bottom Rule

Ever heard the saying clean from top to bottom? This isn’t about giving a room a wholesale clean; there’s far more logic to the phrase than that. You need to be taking these words completely literally.

In other words, make sure you always start at the top of a room with your spring cleaning attempts. By starting at the ceiling, or cornices, you’ll soon find that any debris from up there starts to drop downwards. The result? It then needs cleaning from the floor or walls.

Now, if you were to do this the other way around, it goes without saying that it would be much more ineffective.

What About the Windows?

Nowadays, there’s a lot of attention placed on steam mops, carpet cleaners and anything else that gets dirt and grime out of our floors.

But, what about the windows? These are often left until the very end, or completely ignored altogether. This can be quite surprising; after all, your windows can be seen both internally and externally. They contribute to both how you feel in your home, and how others see your house from a curb appeal perspective.

As such, whether it is the glazing itself, or the window dressings that surround it, make sure this area of your home is prioritized.

An Easy Win; Turn to Flowers

Sometimes, it’s not about cleaning directly. Sometimes, you just have to think outside the box and inject freshness in an alternate way.

As you may have gathered, flowers present such an opportunity. These photos from Avas Flowers hopefully reiterate the point, while there are some also impressive case studies on the Avas Flowers LinkedIn page. Regardless of whether you choose Avas Flowers, make sure you prioritize your ‘high-traffic’ rooms (usually, your living room, master bedroom and hallway). By doing this, you’ll amplify the effects of your spring clean.

‘Cleaning’ and ‘Tidying’ Should fall into the Same Category

It might be referred to as a ‘spring clean’, but you should also try and bundle this together with your tidying efforts. Or, as the modern-world media love to refer to it as, your decluttering mission.

While cleaning and tidying might be two completely different things, life is more effective if you complete them both in tandem. If you can declutter your space first, the art of cleaning a more ‘open’ room will be oh-so much easier and also make your cleaning efforts a lot more satisfying.

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