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Taxi Driver in Glasgow is “Cleaning up” at His Local Taxi Rank – With all Proceeds Going to a Children’s Charity

An savvy Glasgow taxi driver is cleaning up at the local taxi rank – and making money for charity in the process.

Steve Lalley is the big mopper with his driver pals after they saw him mopping his taxi while waiting at the local taxi rank, and they asked him if he’d do theirs too.

Whilst waiting for his next fare, Steve wipes down his fellow drivers’ taxi floors for £1 a pop, with all the money raised going straight to the Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund, which takes 300 children on a trip to Troon every June.

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Steve, charity treasurer, said: “I have always kept a clean and tidy taxi, but like a lot of drivers we have really upped the ante throughout the pandemic, we’ve had to. When I started mopping out mine, the lads cheekily asked me to do theirs at first, then they actually meant it and also insisted on paying – I wouldn’t usually take any money, but my good mate Dave Hodges came up with the idea of payments as charity donations and it sort of all took off from there and has grown ever since.

“I charge £1 a week for mopping 4 or 5 times a day – and already we have raised £120 for the Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund which will all go in the pot towards next year’s Troon trip. I reckon we will make that amount many times over before the actual trip, so it will make a huge difference to these kids”.

“It has certainly been a very tough time for everyone, but this is one is more positive which has lots of benefits – from cleaner taxis to a local kiddies charity benefiting and some much-needed banter between all the taxi drivers at the Glenwood Rank.

“In true George Bowie style, I would like to give a big shout-out with thanks to Dave, Peter, Paul, Big Ray, Lesley, Harry, Owen and also a couple of others that have occasionally  donated – thank you guys!”

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