The 5 Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Jamaica

The 5 Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Jamaica

Cheap Suburbs

Just like any country in the world Jamaica also has more affordable neighborhoods which cater for those people who have to survive on a very tight budget. Unfortunately, many of these neighborhoods also have many other problems such as crime, gangs and substance abuse which result in a situation where they are simply not entirely safe and therefore not the most desirable residential suburbs. Nevertheless, because of this it may be possible to purchase residential properties in these neighborhoods which can be substantially cheaper than those properties which is available in the more affluent neighborhoods of Jamaica.

Mount Salem

Houses can be purchased in this neighborhood for anything between 50,000 and US$90,000. Mount Salem is part of the greater Montego bay area and is therefore part of District 5. On the Northeast are neighborhoods such as Montego business district and Rosemount. To the west is the neighborhood of West Green and to the south is Fairfield. In the East is a Rose Heights, Catherine Mount and Rosemount Gardens. Regrettably this neighborhood is known for its high levels of unemployment and also this area is unfortunately not well represented by elected politicians. This is why there is high levels of violence and crime, the roads are not well maintained and a lot of poor parenting is seen which results in many problems in the area.

Rose Heights

Houses in this area can cost between 40,000 and US$60,000. Unfortunately, in recent times there has been a number of violent crimes in this neighborhood. A lot more will have to be done by the leaders of a Rose Heights as well as by the Jamaican government to turn this situation around in these troubled neighborhoods. However, because of these problems residential properties can be obtained very cheaply compared to what similar properties would cost in affluent neighborhoods.


Houses in this area can be purchased from approximately $35,000. Glendevon is located to the north west of Kingston which is the capital of Jamaica. It is a journey of approximately 130 km. Air travel is easily accessible because they are eight airports in the area and at least one of them is quite large. There are also several other travel opportunities available there is also a UNESCO world heritage site in the vicinity of Glendevon. This is known as Desembarco del Granma National Park which is just over 220 km from Glendevon. There are numerous places which provide affordable accommodation in the area.


This neighborhood is part of the greater Montego bay area. It is surrounded by neighborhood such as Flankers to the north while Paradise is in the West. Glendevon and Montego hills is in the South with Salt Spring in the East. Houses you can cost US$30,000. The parliamentary representative in the area is Dr. Horace Chang and the councilor is Mexine Bisasor. Unfortunately, the roads in the area is very poor, people have very low skill levels and there are high levels of unemployment. As far as services and amenities is concerned, they unfortunately remain inaccessible to most people. Residents in the area continue to have negative perceptions regarding the neighborhood.

Barrett Town

This town is part of the greater Montego bay area. To the north of Barrett Town is the Caribbean Sea while Rose Hall is to the West. In the South is Spot Valley while in the East is the Lilliput neighborhood. Properties in this down can cost approximately US$25,000. People in the area has extremely low skills levels and furthermore there are very little opportunities for further employment or training. Many students leave school early and unfortunately political leaders in the area is not good role models and they fail to represent the community efficiently. Therefore, there is high levels of unemployment.

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