Emergency Buttons

The Importance of Workplace Emergency Buttons

Did you know that an estimated 40% of businesses fail to reopen after a disaster? That statistic shows that every business has to prepare for an emergency.

The very nature of an emergency means that it can happen to anyone, at any time. Preparing for an emergency is the only way of preventing one from impacting your company.

Emergency buttons are a proven way of mitigating the risk of an emergency on your business. Read on as we highlight the importance of emergency buttons so that you consider investing in one for the future.

What Are Emergency Buttons?

Before we go into their benefits, let’s first highlight what exactly emergency buttons are. Though they come in all shapes and sizes, an emergency button is a switch that can be pushed in an emergency situation.

You may have heard them called panic buttons before. The same principle applies to emergency buttons.

These are buttons that have been designed to be simple to reach and to push.

For an example of how they work and look, take a look at this panic button.

Emergency buttons have a number of common uses. They’re helpful for elderly people, who may be physically impaired. They can be used to call for assistance or call for an ambulance if someone who’s living alone has experienced a fall.

They’re also used for security measures, in places like banks or retail stores. An emergency button can be used to call the police in an emergency situation.

Or, they can be set to close the shutters on a property should there be a violent intruder.

Now that you know what exactly emergency buttons are, let’s go into their many benefits for businesses.

Emergency Buttons Keep Employees Safe

The first major benefit of emergency buttons or panic buttons lies in the fact that they keep employees safe.

A push-button solution can be placed in close proximity to your customer-facing employees in a retail environment. This allows them to call the police or call for help when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

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A button is simple to push and can be done in a high-pressure situation.

This makes them perfect in manufacturing environments or factories also. An emergency button can be placed on dangerous machinery to shut them down at a moment’s notice.

This ensures that your employees are kept safe whilst they’re doing their job. It ensures you remain health and safety compliant as an employer, but that isn’t the most important fact.

The most important fact is that your employees will be in less danger whilst doing their jobs. They’ll feel more content and secure in your workplace.

It’s your duty as an employer to protect your employees. By implementing emergency buttons, you can make sure you do so, preventing anyone from becoming a person in distress.

Emergency Buttons Are an Affordable and Easily Implementable Solution

Another benefit of emergency buttons is in their cost and in their installation.

Often, security features can be expensive for your business. This is also found in their installation, as things like walls or massive operational changes take considerable time and money.

An emergency button is an affordable solution. You’ll only have to pay for the button itself, which is a fairly small, though intelligent, piece of machinery.

You’ll also be able to easily implement them into your operations. An emergency button can be put anywhere at all in your premises.

Or, you can give them to your employees directly. All that’s required is a brief training exercise to explain when and how your employees need to push an emergency button.

Since they work as buttons, they are very simple to understand. If you’re in danger, you push the button.

It’s an instinctive response, which makes it easy to implement throughout your workforce. This means you spend less on buying the buttons, and less on installing them within your business itself.

Emergency Buttons Provide You With Greater Data and Visibility

Finally, another benefit of emergency buttons is the fact that they can give you greater visibility over your company. You’re able to track emergency buttons through your mobile phone using a dedicated application.

In this way, you can see where your buttons are, and which areas of your business are appropriately safe for your companies. This level of visibility can allow you a greater understanding of your business operations overall.

Emergency buttons are also able to log any incidents where a button is pushed. This can be a great way of tracking any problems, should the worst happen. It’ll be able to let you know whenever anyone has pushed a button to send a distress signal.

You can then use this data to assess the most common issues with your business at present. This data can then be used to make key changes to the way your business works.

Not only will that make your company safer in the future, but it’ll also streamline the way that you operate.

This is the case across multiple properties if required. If you manage a large company with lots of locations, you can compare the performance of different branches.

This can be a good way of seeing which machines need to be replaced companywide—or which companywide changes need to be made to improve employee safety.

This level of business visibility would only be possible if you implemented emergency buttons within your workplace. These days, that level of visibility is essential to success.

Where Can I Find Out More About Emergency Buttons?

You should now know why emergency buttons can be an affordable solution to your employee’s safety and security. You should also know about the visibility that’s offered by emergency buttons.

Finally, you should know that emergency buttons keep your employees safe, no matter which sector you work in. If you’re interested in finding more about technology like emergency buttons, or other business matters, make sure to have a read through some of the previous posts on our website.

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