Smart Watch

The Introduction of Smart Watch

Wristband is a kind of decoration. People put it on their wrist for good looking. The customer base is limited to young people. When technology is combined with wristband, it creates a perfect product. Many elderly people have become loyal fans of smart watches. The elderly can not only take advantage of various practical functions, but also enjoy the fashion aesthetic.

The smart watch is composed of an electronic body and a rubber band. Rubber is made of soft PVC, polyurethane TPU or PU, silica gel and other materials. The materials are all harmless to human body. They have the memory function. The rubber band will restore the original shape in normal use. This can increase the service life of the smart watch. Rubber bands are processed into different colors. Users can choose different colors according to their preferences. You can buy lots rubber bands with different colors. This allows you to choose different colors depending on your mood or the occasions. In a date, you can choose blue to express your relaxed mood. When attending a meeting, you can choose black to express your seriousness.

The electronic body is composed of battery, vibration motor and motion-sensing accelerator. The battery of smart watch is lithium battery. It is small and light. It has the characteristics of high voltage, high specific energy, long cycle life, good safety performance, fast charging and so on. It has virtues of fast charging, low energy consumption, long standby time. It can be used for 10 days after being charged for 30 minutes. HUAWEI HONOR band 5 can be used for 14 days. Users don’t have to worry about their smart watches running out of power even if they forget to bring their charging devices when traveling.

Smart bracelets have Bluetooth 4.0. This version can run many functions with a small amount of power. Users can connect their smart watches to mobile phones, computers and other electronic products through Bluetooth 4.0. It realizes the data transmission between the smart watch and electronic products.

The waterproof function is important. Users wear smart watches when they washing something. Smart watch needs to have waterproof function. When you surfing by the sea, it is cool to wear a smart watch. You can wear a smart watch when swimming. It can record your heartbeat, blood pressure and other physical conditions. This function can bring great convenience to users.

When we go to sleep, we can set the smart watch to sleep mode. We can know our daily sleep time and wake-up time. For users who love body-building, smart watches can provide them guidance.

This is the introduction of smart watch. I hope these contents can help you to use it better.

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