What Are the Benefits of Using PDF Converters for My Business?

What Are the Benefits of Using PDF Converters for My Business

The term PDF has grown in popularity consistently since 2004. That term’s popularity has scaled, unsurprisingly, alongside the document’s usage as PDFs continue to be among the most popular fixed means of communicating information digitally.

Since you’re reading this post, you’re probably a lover of PDFs and may be wondering if it’s worth your time to find a go-to PDF converter to bring more PDFs into your operation.

In our opinion, using PDF converters to change your varying file formats, where appropriate, into PDFs makes sense. In this post, we break down why that is in hopes that you come away agreeing with our pro-PDF-converter assessment.

Better Security

If you were harboring sensitive information in a Word document https://www.sodapdf.com/, how would you go about protecting it? Sure, you could use Word’s surface-level security features or encrypt the document with an external program.

If simplicity and strength are important to you when it comes to security though, PDF converters could enable you to change your Word document to a PDF and then leverage Adobe’s cutting-edge permissions, locking, and encryption functions natively.

Talk about a security upgrade for the documents that are most important to you!

Signing Made Easy

Let’s say you have an Excel file that’s housing information you need a team member to sign off on before submitting your spreadsheet for official review. How would you get them to sign off? After all, Excel has no native signature functions.

By converting your Excel to a PDF format, with the help of Acrobat DC, you can add signature fields to your re-processed spreadsheet and enable signature tracking that’s both official and reliable.

More Organized File Structures

Your file folders probably host a litany of file types. Do you think there would be value in streamlining those variants?

We do.

Having streamlined file extensions, where it makes sense, ensures that team members can open files consistently across various machines and avoid that dreaded, “this file is not supported” message.

PDF ASPX, PDF Docx, PDF Excel… Whatever your conversion needs are a quality tool can get the job done.

Fixed-State Readability

One of the chief advantages of the PDF format is that documents exist in a fixed state. That can improve the consistency of messages between users which could make all the difference in the world if the data you’re sharing is important to operations.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Try reading a word document on a PC and then on a smartphone.

You’ll find that the smartphone breaks up text boxes differently than your PC as it attempts to scale your data to its screen size. That could hurt your data’s presentation or even its accuracy.

PDF Converters Are Useful and Many Are Free

Using PDF converters to streamline aspects of your business makes sense. That’s true from a functional standpoint and also, from the standpoint that PDF converters are generally free to use.

You can go now to the website of SodaPDF to try its free tools. If it sounds appealing to you to bring more PDFs into your workflows at no cost, find a converter online today. You’ll be glad you did.

And if you’d like more smart business tips, we recommend you explore additional digital business posts here on our blog.

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