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Five Things You Need To Know When Hiring An SEO Consultant

Your website is not a figment of your potential clients’ imagination, let alone them knowing you exist if your website does not appear on the first of search engine results. A critical aspect of boosting website visits that result in an increment in brand awareness, higher sales and profits is search engine visibility.

The basics of search engine optimisation (SEO) may be easy to understand and implement even by a layman. It might sound like a walk in the park implementing an SEO strategy, but you are swamped with numerous responsibilities to pay attention to your website’s SEO.

If not that you have attempted to perform the basic techniques, but you are still falling short in overcoming your competitions lead in search engine results. Maybe it will not hurt, and it makes sense to hire the services of an experienced and reliable SEO consultant in Melbourne.

So if you lack the time and technical expertise to improve your site’s ranking and are looking for an SEO consultant in Melbourne, below are a few things you need to consider;


Search engine algorithms change rapidly. It will be necessary to identify a search engine optimisation company in Melbourne with the experience to frequently navigate search engine updates without negatively affecting the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What will be necessary to do it browsing through their website to check on the amount of SEO experience they possess, including case studies that divulge previous successes. To be on the safe side, do not judge the experience of an SEO consultant in Melbourne only by the number of years they have been in business.

A priority of most agencies is staying up-to-date with the latest trends, but you could do business with an SEO agency in Melbourne using outdated best practices. We recommend you pair their years of experience with the following variables.


One of the most crucial aspects you ought to pay close attention to when searching for an SEO consultant in Melbourne is the results they promise to deliver. It is best to avoid an SEO agency in Melbourne, same way you avoid inviting your drunkard uncle over for lunch, promising to have your website ranked on Google’s first page within a specified time.

Predicting the amount of time required to achieve a higher ranking for all keyword phrases is not as simple as blurting out the alphabet except if you intend to target non competitive keywords.

To ensure you are hiring an SEO agency in Melbourne best suited for your needs, ask how they intend to measure the success of your campaign. It will be in terms of specific traffic or conversion level, a particular number of backlinks built or an individual ranking attained over time. For your website to rank well, even for moderately competitive keyword phrases,  it will need between six months to a year or sometimes even longer. Do not be fooled with the smooth-talking from an SEO consultant in Melbourne, if their offering is too good to be true, it probably is.

3.Industry Experience

When narrowing down your list of preferred potential consultants, be sure to check their industry’s presence. Does your preferred SEO agency in Melbourne;

  •         Publish regular guests post on leading search industry news websites?
  •         Issue consistent white papers based on their research and experience?
  •         Regularly attend well-known industry conferences.

Thus not to say you should not consider every up-and-coming SEO agency in Melbourne. They could perform an excellent job for you but have not solidly established themselves in the marketplace.

If you do not want to take the risk of hiring a little known agency, you will have a peace of mind opting for an SEO consultant in Melbourne with an established industry presence. That way, you are sure you are getting seasoned staff that will deliver optimal results.

4.Customer Reviews

You are well within your rights to ask an SEO agency in Melbourne you shortlisted to ask for their references. Reading the testimonials published on their website is a start, but do not read too much into it (excuse the pun). It is because recommendations can be cooked up by anyone or their pay other people to write biased reviews.

An SEO consultant in Melbourne should furnish you with the contact details of at least three to five of their reference if you asked nicely. If the agency is a legitimate business, such information will be readily available, so be sceptical of those who refuse to provide it.

When you have this information, get in touch with their current or previous customers to find out how successful their projects were and if they will work with the agency in the future. References can cough up an incredible amount of information that will assist you in deciding which SEO agency in Melbourne will be an excellent fit for your goals.


Last but not least and the most critical point, cost. A few businesses have deep pockets for their marketing budget, so you ought to factor in the costs when deciding which SEO goals are worth pursuing and which SEO agency in Melbourne you will hire.

Be upfront about your budget when talking with an SEO consultant in Melbourne. A reputable consultant will offer you some perspective of what they can do based on your budget, including if they are comfortable working within what you willing to spend.

At Melbourne Media, we have an experienced and savvy SEO consultant in Melbourne with the industry creativity to exceed all your expectations without blowing your budget. Contact us today!

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