Getting to Know More About the American Bulldog Before Adopting

As you might know already, there are hundreds of dog breeds all around the world. Some of these breeds are specifically originated from certain areas, like the Australian Shepherd or the Chihuahua, which are originated from Australia and Mexico, respectively.

This is important to note because of the way the breed of a dog can easily englobe various physical and behavioral patterns that will decide not only its personality and the way it reacts to people and other animals, but also, its size, coat, and even the amount of maintenance it will most likely need to be taken care of properly.

Taking that into consideration, a lot of people can agree that, among the most popular breeds around the world, the American bulldog is one of the most popular breeds out there, and it is currently considered the representative breed of America.

Although they were very close to extinction, thankfully a lot more people started to look for American bulldogs, and their population and popularity have been on the rise ever since then. Still, there are people who, while showing a certain interest in owning one (either for working purposes or as a family dog) they still believe in the stigma they carry on as aggressive and dangerous dogs.

For that reason, in this article, we will highlight some of the reasons why you might want to have an American bulldog as a pet, and in which way they can contribute to society as working dogs, so more people begin to understand that they are actually not as bad as a lot of people tend to believe.

Their Physical Appearance

Before we talk about their personalities, let’s talk about how they look. More often than not, the reason why they are misjudged as violent dogs is because of their physical features.

When it comes to their size, they are considered medium-sized dogs. That being said, an American bulldog’s size can be decided by its gender, thus, males are often considerably larger and bulkier than their female counterparts.

They are often very muscular and well-sculpted with very big heads. Because of their bulky and muscular appearance, as well as not-as-cute appearance, they tend to cause this first impression of being non-friendly and very aggressive.

However, we can all agree to say that we should never judge a book for its cover, and that rule can be applied to this particular breed.


Believe It or Not, They Are Very Lovely Animals

There are two main traits that can be chosen when it comes to this breed: Confidence and courage. An American bulldog is well known for not being afraid of stepping up and standing their ground whenever is needed, which is the main reason why they are often used as guard dogs, and even cattle dogs meant to protect and guide cattle.

As the side of the coin, they are also well known for being very affectionate and loyal animals, which is the reason why they can be so overprotective at times, considering that they will do anything they can to protect their family.

Since they are family-oriented pets, they perform the best when they have someone or something to protect, be it smaller animals or even children, since they are very fond of them. They can be perfectly owned by single-member families, and they will create an unbreakable bond with their owner and will showcase their affection as much as they can.

They can also be very energetic and, at times, silly, showing weird behaviors that would be considered lovely and funny in most situations.

Considering Their Needs Before Adopting

However, if you are interested in adopting an American Bulldog, you must know that they can be a little bit of a problem for those who are not willing to keep them healthy. Because of their energetic nature, they do require a considerable amount of exercise to be healthy, so if you lead a rather sedentary life, you should think it over before adopting one.

When they don’t engage in regular physical activities, they have more chances of suffering from certain conditions, and might also turn into very moody and chaotic pets because of the accumulated energy, which can cause anxiety and stress.

A good example of the type of exercise you should go for include fetching and walks at a moderate speed since regular walks will do nothing to their energy tanks. Still, it is better to not exercise them too hard until they reach the age of 12 months.

Because they have problems cooling themselves, you should avoid exercising them in hot weather. For that reason, it is recommended to have enough space at home in case you need to play with them inside your house to avoid too much sunlight and heat.

Make Sure to Train Them!

Training a Bulldog is another important part of the experience. Because of their energetic nature, they can be a little too extroverted at times, especially when other dogs are involved. That is why it is recommended to let them socialize from a very young age, so they get to know how to act around other dogs.

If you choose to train them from a very young age, you might also avoid some of the most common negative behaviors they can display, including excessive biting. If you are interested in learning how to train a dog but have no idea how to do it, you can always check out for more details on the matter.

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