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How To Build Your Brand On Social Media

Today’s successful real estate agents have to navigate the world of social media and build a specific type of brand. With much of the world of commerce shifting to an online model, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to have an excellent grasp of social media. With effective social media strategies and traditional advertising methods like real estate brochure templates, real estate professionals can land more clients and close more sales. Here are ways to get started with branding on social media.

Update Your Social Media Accounts

If you’re unsure how to start, make sure you have updated social media accounts. Use social media templates for popular channels, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure your social media accounts are all linked together to give your brand a unified approach. Real estate professionals should personalize the social media experience and include plenty of details about their personality in their profiles. 

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Post Unique Content 

Next, make sure you get on a consistent schedule of posting to each of your social media accounts. While it’s not a good idea to post every single thought you have onto your social media accounts, it is a good idea to add new, relevant content every day. Focus on engaging content that pushes users to click for more information. Consider providing helpful advice, articles or insider information about the home buying market to social media visitors.

Provide Supporting Marketing Materials

Posting on social media and making your presence known online is only one piece of your branding strategy. Real estate professionals should also work hard to support their marketing efforts with traditional materials. At open houses, networking events and other in-person interactions, be sure to provide people with business cards, flyers and other custom marketing materials that align with your online business brand.

Reach Out To Other Networks

Another important goal for building a brand online is to expand your reach and get more potential clients. Social media is a great place to efficiently build networks and reach out to more people. In the real estate business, focus on joining as many online networks as you can. Social media allows users to partner up with groups, attend virtual networking sessions and make new friendships. Getting your name out there in other professional groups can help you track down more leads and gain additional knowledge in the industry.

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Define Your Voice  

Finally, one of the most important concepts of branding on social media is defining your voice. Your voice on social media is how people perceive you. It’s similar to the personality you convey to your audience of followers and site visitors. It takes time to truly define and tweak your voice for your social media. Your voice should be positive, helpful and also show that there is a person behind the posts and not a corporate robot. This helps people feel more confident and comfortable about doing business with you. 

If you aren’t taking advantage of the power of social media for your real estate branding strategy, it’s time to get started. Use these tips to build up your social media presence and brand.

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