How to Devise And Define Successful Real Estate Email Campaigns

How to Devise And Define Successful Real Estate Email Campaigns?

Being a real estate agent or realtor is not a piece of cake. Imagine being a realtor in a digital world; you must have a digital identity for subside. Traditionally, when we hear the word realtor, we immediately associate them with a massive network of people. But imagine having a network both in the natural and virtual world through in-person networks and real-estate email campaigns.

Email marketing proves to be beneficiary for real-estate businesses and the realtor because:

  • It helps save time, allowing you to contact a considerable number of people and create leads all at once.
  • Email marketing helps generate leads from your target audience
  • Get honest customer feedback and perform marketing with provided metrics systems
  • It helps you form a broad customer base and expand your area of targeted audiences.
  • It helps you in scheduling and automating your routine and website performance.

Want to start a real estate business? Here are some ways to devise a successful real-estate email campaign.

Finding Potential Contacts

To generate an email list, you will need to find potential contacts to base your clientele on for email marketing. You must remember to send out an explicit email seeking the receiver’s permission to send emails in the future. This factor will help you build a forum for the targeted audience and help establish a healthy business relationship with your clientele. You can generate your contacts in the following ways:

  • Lead generation companies can help provide you with a list of contacts interested in your real estate forte.
  • You can create opt-in and double opt-in forms on your website, the former for the client’s email id and the latter for both, acquiring email Ids and sending out the confirmation mail.
  • Going old school and having your in-person network and clients help you flourish your business.
  • Incentivise referrals and long-time clients.

Segmenting the Audience

It is equally important to cater to your targeted audience and form a new client base in a real estate business. To fulfil the client’s demands, you must start segmenting your email lists into buyers, sellers, first-time or regular buyers, the client’s budget, desired location, the desired size of the estate, etc. Segmentation can thus help you send valuable content and have a formidable bond and network with your clients. This factor can also help you increase open rates and devise a healthy ROI or investment return. In addition, segmenting your audience will help you structure and create oriented email campaigns with the client’s base and help you retain the clientele.

Curating a Landing Page 

A landing page on the website is a web page that includes property listings, home search and home valuation tools, and targeted information. It often happens that the interested customers land on these pages through Facebook or Google searches or emails. Thus having a content curated landing page can help you spot interested customers and gain customer engagement. You must structure your web page into necessary information like location listings, contact details, services offered, and FAQs. You can attach an opt-form here for interested customers to contact you quickly. Dont forget that many of these people can be mobile phone users; thus, your automated website must suit the device procurement, helping you gain leads from your landing webpage.

Strengthening Content- base

A solid content base in any email can be a task for the providers. Here are some ideas to curate content for your customers on email for a real estate business.

  • A warm welcome email to new subscribers who can wonder about your email services. It helps make them feel welcome and helps establish a starter relationship.
  • You can send out personalised reminders since they boast well to the audience and ensure elevated yet higher personalisation and services levels. They can be defined by the client’s purchase history or locations etc.
  • Reminder emails help in increasing the open rate for emails. Your newsletter can contain a bundle of quick tips and customer stories. It grabs customer satisfaction and ensures their trust in your services. It also helps them realise that the provided services are authentic and helps you connect with them, helping you make regular real-time customers.

Remember specific guidelines that might direct your emails into spam folders. For example, to avoid ending up in the spam folder, one must not use explicit content; in case of usage must mention it in the email subject. Choose Your Campaign Fit.

After segmenting the target audience, you can move on to choosing the email campaign you wish to work on. An email campaign is a general type of email you wish to create and send your clientele. For example, you can use automated welcoming emails for every new subscriber.

You can send follow-up emails for a more personalised touch to your email campaign. Then there are drip campaigns wherein you can generate automated emails after analysing the client’s behaviour. For instance, if you find a client only searching for a location in Boston, your drip campaign can help them receive listings of Boston only.


Email marketing with the help of an email agency can prove to be a boon in the business and help you generate productive profits and help you stand in the long term.

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