Why Choose Laravel Over Plain PHP Solutions

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PHP is one of the most suitable and cost-effective programming languages that is used in an array of web applications, for web programming. It has been in the market for quite some time and is ruling the digital development world.

With the introduction of Laravel, its benefits over plain PHP have surpassed expectations, and it is the trending software development tool that is in demand majorly.

What is the Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a framework that enhances web application development using sophisticated and communicative syntax that allows developers to manage complicated PHP codes, eradicate all vulnerabilities, and speed up the web development procedure.

Laravel is quite user-friendly, and it simplifies complex tasks like sessions, caching, routing, or authentication while concentrating on developing business-related features of the app.

Taylor Otwell is known to develop the Laravel framework to assist website developers in comprehending and breaking down complex coding and giving a new meaning to PHP as a whole. PHP is a vibrant language, but when incorporated within Laravel, it becomes even more empowered.

Laravel developers can now create fully functional CMS or e-commerce web applications while eliminating security faults and presenting tiresome coding. This is one of the major reasons why industries are focusing more on Laravel than on Plain PHP

Let us Understand why Companies Prefer the Laravel Framework Instead of pure PHP

The Laravel Framework gives you more control over your web applications, and there is no requirement for industries to note down code or logic for any application, and most of it is already built-in.

Frameworks promote code reuse and are comparatively more secure and robust

Laravel framework incorporates plain PHP as its main programming language, so the benefits are already inherited and companies enjoy the best of both worlds.

You can consider the following Statistics:

  • Among all the existing web frameworks, Laravel holds 0.37% of the market share.
  • More than 648,115 live websites use Laravel, along with more than 1.78% (1 million) of US-based websites.
  • Laravel has 20.3k live projects, 63.5k Github stars, and 544 dedicated contributors improving the real-time framework.

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Benefits of Laravel over Plain PHP

PHP is a strong programming language that is used for web development, but when it has added advantages and gets incorporated into Laravel, it becomes even more powerful. Let us look at the benefits of Laravel over the use of plain PHP

High Security

Laravel provides high account security preventing the large number of cyber-attack cases that have now become quite troublesome. A robust framework like Laravel is needed to protect web applications that have no malware running in their environment and is itself quite a secure framework. You don’t have to worry about the SQL dependence and injections when using Laravel which is quite user-friendly, fun, and convenient to use

Is great for Beginners

You can easily create a 5-page web page in a few hours with the help of Laravel. The developers gain command over the easily-comprehensible framework of Laravel, and all you need is some basic knowledge of PHO. It’s easy to understand for beginners, especially those who are not very well-versed with coding.

Modular and MVC Architecture

Laravel Framework has been created in 20 libraries that can be attractive through practical development processes. Because it uses MVC architecture, it helps improve performance, provides built-in functionality, and makes documentation easy. It provides precision between reason and performance and helps in building responsive, and dynamic web applications.

Improved Performance

Laravel has imbibed various tech-savvy tools and integrations that make it possible for organizations to build performing web tools and applications. It has excellent functionality which can enhance the performance of your applications and site. Several web apps have been developed and raised using Laravel techniques, which makes companies hire dedicated laravel developers to improve web app performance.

Database Migration System

Migration in Laravel shows how to develop application database structures without changing them which helps to reduce data loss. With Schema Builder, Laravel developers can quickly create indexes and database tables.

Traffic Processing

Enhanced web traffic should be productively managed. Your system should have in0built expertise to deal with each second request number and the growing applications. Under such stress, the result could lead to a data loss from the website server or an expense that the company may have to bear. Laravel is well equipped with a strong framework that performs load balancing in the message queue system. It maintains a smooth web server and manages traffic effectively. Laravel provides a uniform API through various queue books and you can use the queue to move the processing of the time commentary task.

Strong Authentication

The basic idea in developing Laravel was to ease the tension of web developers and to approve users after logical computation ad its sole objective is to create web apps with a developed authentication.

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Caching through Laravel allows you to do basic tasks such as offering the possibility to assimilate web frameworks and perform functions like, saving objects to files and databases.


Laravel is preferable to other frameworks because of its flexibility, reliability, and scalability. It has an open-source feature that helps your umpteen resolution from a strong group of developers who have gone through the same process and who can help you with their experience and expertise.

Easy Testing possible

Laravel is well known for running an extensive test to check the stability of your web app and comes with few errors and stable releases. Laravel enhances unit testing and ensures that any kind of adaptation or transformation does not damage your system.

Blade Template

One of Laravel’s most important and useful features is the blade template engine. It helps to write a specific amount of code using predefined templates and easy PHP code. The main advantage of using a template engine is that you can make your website lighter without sacrificing performance. These templates are instinctive, lightweight, and dynamic, making it quick and easy for developers to write code.

Community Support

Laravel is equipped with a robust community that can help you and responds quickly if there is a security breach. You can get professional guidance from people from the community who have gone through the same troubles. Web application and development can be a hectic and painful process, and there are many times, that the extensive Laravel community can help you resolve your problems.


The core PHP and Laravel frameworks can help you create a viable solution, and none can be ignored. Core PHP builds the foundation for Laravel developers and is extremely flexible.

Laravel on the other hand is a reliable, popular tool and is a favorite of most web developers that offers a variety of powerful, effective, reliable, and the best web development tools to create web applications of any shape and difficulty. With Laravel, you can implement a whole set of a wide range of Laravel tools and create a feature-rich web solution.

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If you hire dedicated laravel developers, you will enjoy several benefits like you can amplify your web development, greatly increase the amount of online traffic, and have access to a versatile open-source platform. You can outsource highly scalable and cost-effective customized Laravel web application development services.

Whether you are a start-up firm or a giant well-established business, you can outsource your web development services to a robust team that can help you deliver great applications.

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