Lead Generation Tools for Capturing and Converting Quality Leads

Lead Generation Tools for Capturing and Converting Quality Leads

There’s no such thing as “guaranteed business success”. Heck, a staggering 45% of businesses fail within 5 years of starting out! According to the same source, just 1 in 4 companies make it past 15 years in operation.

Clearly, the odds of success are against any entrepreneur who tries to bring their idea to fruition. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are plenty of innovative tools available nowadays that can better your chances of success!

And that’s where lead generation tools come into play.

As the name suggests, these clever pieces of software are designed to facilitate the crucial task of generating leads. Learn to leverage them and business owners can drive huge numbers of prospective customers through the proverbial door. With endless options available, though, the tricky part’s picking the right one for the job!

Want some help with the endeavor? Read on to discover 6 of the best lead generation tools on the market for capturing and converting quality leads.


AI chatbots have revolutionized customer service in recent years. There’s no need to pay for a customer service team anymore! Install a chatbot on your website and it can answer your prospective customer’s questions and solve their problems 24/7/365.

In the process, these bots can function as unparalleled website lead generation tools. For one thing, you can program them to “talk” in a manner that matches your brand identity. Whether it’s entertaining or professional, witty or serious, this can build brand loyalty and compel users to become customers.

Chatbots can also ask questions, conduct surveys, and show customers specific product pages on your site to learn more about items of interest. In the process, they can solve peoples’ problems with minimal fuss. This all lends itself to lead generation (not to mention sales!).


It’s hard to overstate the importance of landing pages when it comes to lead generation. These are the pages people first land on when they click the link on your ad. Remember, first impressions count, right?

Your landing page has to be clear, engaging, well-designed, and pleasing to the eye. The content has to pertain to the ad in question and be relevant to the person who’s clicked through too. If you can do all that, then you have a good chance of converting them into a lead.

As far as lead generation ideas in this realm go, we recommend using a tool called Unbounce. Popular and powerful, this clever software enables anybody (regardless of tech abilities) to create high-performing landing pages. It’s quick, easy, and intuitive to use too.


You’ve done the hard work of getting someone to visit your website. But now what?

Without a compelling reason to subscribe, users are likely to leave the page without taking any further action. In other words, you miss out on the opportunity to convert them to a lead and get them into the funnel!

That’s where Optinmonster comes in. This handy drag-and-drop software lets you create attractive pop-ups to capture peoples’ contact details before they exit. By combining these pop-ups with compelling offers (such as free downloads or access opportunities to giveaway competitions), you’ll start boosting conversion rates in no time.

Another useful feature is the ability to adjust the timings of each pop-up. For instance, you can set them to appear just before someone leaves a given page. This should, in theory, maximize your chances of turning visits to leads.


Email lists are an incredible marketing asset. Unlike advertising through Facebook or Google, you own it and it’s free. You’re one email away from your target audience at all times.

It’s no surprise that business owners work so hard to build them! Convince someone to give you their email address and they’re officially in your funnel. Send them valuable messages over time and you’ll cultivate a relationship that’ll facilitate sales.

The hard part’s building your list in the first place! Know the struggle?

Well, FindThatLead will speed things up. This chrome extension takes the work out of finding email addresses. It helps you build lists fast, set up cold email campaigns, and deliver those addresses (aka leads) to your sales team.


Web forms are a core component of most lead generation efforts. After all, you need a method of collecting contact details- especially when you’re not using pop-ups! WPForms is a straight-forward, intuitive form builder that makes this process a breeze.

It isn’t free (nor cheap when you move beyond their Basic package!).

But the monthly fees do provide access to an array of other useful features. For example, you can use WPForms to embed quizzes, polls, and surveys on your site too. The fun, novel, and interactive nature of these options lend themselves to lead generation.


Video content is king these days. People consume it at a frightening rate across a wide range of platforms. Furthermore, the sky-high demand for it only seems to be increasing!

Turnstile’s an awesome tool for turning your video content into a lead generation strategy.

Imagine embedding a new viral video on your website that you know people want to see. With Turnstile, you can lock/pause the video after a set period of time has passed. If the user wants to keep watching, then they have to input their email address!

Leverage These Lead Generation Tools

Business success is hard to come by. The result? As an entrepreneur, it makes sense to do everything possible to maximize the likelihood of defying the odds and coming out on top!

Of course, there are many ways to do this. Yet one of the simplest (and most effective) modern-day methods is to utilize lead generation tools on your website. With any luck, the suggestions in this article have revealed the best ones for the task.

These insights should provide a useful springboard to start your lead generation endeavors. Trust us, though, there’s much more to learn on this topic! To continue your lead gen education, search ‘marketing’ on the website now.

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