What is Linux Hosting with cPanel?

What is Linux Hosting with cPanel?

Every website needs to be stored on a webserver to be accessible online. The server needs an operating system to process requests coming from the site and keep it running. Among the range of options available, Linux is the most popular. This is primarily because Linux is an open-source platform that allows for more control and better customization options as compared to the others. This also makes Linux-based web hosting services cheaper than those based on other operating systems. To manage and run the website, site owners are provided with a control panel by hosting companies. With Linux, there is a range of options available. However, the best Linux Hosting control panel is cPanel. Today, we will discuss in detail Linux Hosting with cPanel.

If you operate a web hosting company and have a website, you should use WHMCS Modules, Theme, and Templates to make it the most visually appealing.

Understanding Linux Hosting With Cpanel

The operating system and control panel plays an important role in the efficient management of a website. While the operating system defines the framework that offers certain functionalities, the control panel helps the site owner execute site administration and management tasks.

While there are several operating systems available, Linux has been the preferred option for site owners for a long time. When you decide to launch a website and look for a hosting service, you need a server that fits into your budget, offers optimum security, maximum uptime, and fast processing of requests. Linux, being an open-source platform, offers all these features in a cost-efficient manner.

As most people use Windows on their personal computers/laptops, understanding Linux can be difficult at first. Hence, many companies developed control panels to help users manage their websites with ease despite not having experience with the operating system. Of all the control panels available, cPanel has been the most preferred one for a myriad of reasons, including:

  • A user-friendly interface that is highly responsive, offering simple commands for complex processes. With a wizard-like interface, cPanel makes site management look like a breeze.
  • Quick and easy installation of hundreds of software/applications that are usually used by site owners.
  • A wide range of features that cover almost all aspects of site management.
  • Firewall and antivirus protection.
  • Makes site transfer and backups seem easy.
  • Compatible with all web browsers.

It is important to remember that cPanel is developed by a third-party company and not by Linux developers. Hence, before you buy web hosting based on Linux, ensure that you check with the provider about the control panel offered by them. While Linux packs a range of powerful features, without a good control panel, most non-Linux users can struggle to execute simple commands too.

Summing Up

Most companies offering web hosting in India have a Linux-based Shared Hosting plan with cPanel to make it easier for new site owners to get started.

The following video explains using cPanel in Shared Hosting:


However, before buying Linux Shared Hosting services, it is important to compare other features and benefits offered by the provider and assess if they match the hosting requirements of your site. Once you have found the plan, ensure that the control panel has the functionality to make site administration easy and simple. Good Luck!

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