What Should You Know About PMP Course, Eligibility and Benefits?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a well-known project management credential that enhances your ability to lead initiatives in any business. Having the PMP certification has increased one’s job options throughout the years. Even start-ups are on the lookout for PMP-certified individuals. This article is for anyone who wishes to know certification course eligibility & benefit.

What Qualifications Must One Meet to Become A PMP?

It’s crucial to comprehend what it takes to obtain the PMP if you want to start the PMP course. Make sure you satisfy any of the prerequisites and eligibility requirements listed below before you begin:

  1. If you possess a four-year academic degree, you must have the following:
  • At least thirty-six months of professional experience managing
  • At least 35 hrs of project management training
  1. If you possess a high school diploma or perhaps an associate’s degree throughout academic studies, you will be required to have the following qualifications:
  • At least 60 months of professional experience in projects leading and directing
  • A minimum of 35 hours of managing projects training
  1. If you have a master’s degree or equivalent and 24 months of project-leading experience.
  • A minimum of 35 hours of managing projects training

Therefore, real-world involvement in activities relevant to project management is required in addition to academic education for PMP certification. You may apply for the Certificate if you have this experience. And to meet the 35 hrs of professional education requirements, you may participate in a PMP certificate program.

What Advantages Does PMP Certification Offer?

1. Enhances the CV

You might have access to a variety of options by earning a professional qualification like PMP. Your proficiency in project management may be shown by your PMP certification. The need for project management positions is considerable. People with professional certifications have always been preferred by recruiters over those with a four-year degree.

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2. Business Recognition

In the business sector, a certified PMP career is highly regarded and well-acknowledged. It shows that you are capable of using the finest project management techniques, which can be used in any sector. The certification is therefore more than simply a method to beef up your resume; it also gives you the information you need to do your job more effectively.

3. More Money

The primary benefit of PMP certification is that it provides applicants with a wealth of chances that may lead to higher salaries. According to studies conducted by PMI-accredited organizations, PMP-certified individuals make 20 per cent more than non-certified individuals.

4. Work-Related Commitment

The PMP has strict requirements. An employer is aware that applicants have put in effort and time to learn about managing projects. If applicants have spent time and money on obtaining PMP certification, it demonstrates that they are capable of working for their firm with utmost devotion.

5. Incredible Networking Possibilities

Obtaining the PMP certification will provide you with several opportunities to network with other project management experts. PMI Chapter is a great place to network, exchange expertise, and ideas with like-minded people, and take part in activities. Additionally, it promotes skill development and community service. Socialising is just after all among the secrets to success! So, having a PMP certification might offer you a lot of networking chances.


If a project manager wants to advance quickly in their job, PMP certification is quite helpful. You will also know about project time tracking software, which can help you to become more efficient. One guarantee is that you’ll find many work prospects with greater pay after clearing the PMP test.

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