Why You Should Use Namify to Build Your Company Brand

Have you ever paid attention to how important your company name is? It is the first introduction to your concept or ideas, giving people an idea of what to expect. Names establish perceptions and hold a lot of power over consumers. According to one Neilson study, the company name is considered one of the most valuable assets that a company possesses. Given its great importance, consider how using Namify can further increase your brand awareness and develop a positive opinion of your company.

What Does Namify Do?

If you are in the planning stages of your business, you may have a thousand ideas running through your head for a catchy name. Before you pick the one that sounds the most marketable, do a thorough internet search. You would be surprised at how unoriginal your idea seems when something very close to it already exists in cyberspace. You don’t want to start your brand off on the wrong foot, and a brand name generator like Namify becomes the solution.

With a generator, you can quickly sift through thousands of topics or keyword combinations to create of potential business names. You may have gotten off to a great start with your own idea, but a generator also takes into account social media availability for the name as well as web page domain handles. Digital presence is critical to brand success, but a consistent name or key theme between each aspect of online marketing or engagement has everything to do with brand recognition. A name generator takes the guesswork out of originality.

Why Is Namify Different?

The internet is a vast expanse of web pages, and yours can get lost in the crowd if you don’t put careful thought into what you are doing. However, many business owners aren’t tech-savvy or digitally literate to the point of maximizing internet exposure. It is important to choose the right domain name when setting up your business, as it is a headache to try and change it later on. Experts have a number of suggestions on how to create the best domain for your website. Here are a few of them.

  • Keep your domain short, making it easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Incorporate high-ranking keywords into the domain name search.
  • Avoid using hyphens, double letters, or random abbreviations.
  • Create a unique, clever, and brandable idea that is completely different from anything else out there.

These suggestions might seem innocent enough but trying to put them into practice for your domain creation can be a nightmare. Namify takes the guesswork out of the process and delivers a creative brand name that uses new domain extensions for increased visibility. Not only will you get a brand that is already optimized for digital queries, but you can also have a custom logo designed to perfectly pair with the company name.

An exclusive brand that represents your passion and attracts your target audience puts your company on the path toward success. Your memorability begins with your name and ends with your name. Use Namify to deliver a one-of-a-kind brand, then rely on your service and products to support the brand and lend credibility to your name.

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