5 Essential Features of a Construction Management Software

The construction industry is acknowledging the benefits of construction management software and companies are increasingly investing in them. They recognize the ability of the software to streamline operations and elevate efficiency. Till the present time, more than half of the companies have already accepted these solutions to boost their performance.

At ConSol, you can find a wide range of out-of-the-box solutions that suit your projects and team’s specific needs. Several off-the-shelf software and custom-tailored solutions make it possible for businesses of all sizes and scales to draw their benefits. However, it is sometimes perplexing to select the most suitable solution. Here is a list of basic features that you should look for, in construction management software.

Bid and Finance Management

A construction project begins with sending bids and receiving bids from subcontractors. At any point in time, your company is managing several bids including both, incoming and submitted ones. As the number of bids increases, effective management becomes as challenging as a juggling act. Well-designed software can streamline bid management and liberates you for real production jobs. It elevates your productivity, enables detailed reporting, and saves plenty of time.

CRM Module

Once your bid is approved, you acquire a client that calls for your time and attention. You have to record the clients’ contact details, project details, and communication history to ensure complete adherence to their needs. Construction software’s CRM (customer relationship management) module simplifies this record-keeping. It automates several communications such as meeting reminders and periodic project updates.

Scheduling and Project Management

Before you can start rolling a construction project, you need to define a timeline, identify tasks, and delegate your workforce and other resources. Also, when the project is running, you have to constantly monitor all the moving elements, optimize processes, and keep everyone on the same page.

A construction management software allows you to manage and track the project from the commencement till the end most effectively. For that reason, many surveys have deemed project tracking and management a quintessential feature of construction software.

5 Features to Look For in a Construction Project Management Tool

Equipment and Inventory Management

Financially, material and equipment are the most critical aspect of a construction project. Materials involve thousands of dollars while with equipment millions are at stake. You to ensure timely acquisition and distribution of both the entities. Also, you need to arrange for regular maintenance of the machines and vehicles to ensure maximum efficiency.

Inventory and equipment management software ensures efficient distribution of these resources by raising alerts about what is needed where and when. You get reminders about the due maintenance of the machines as well.

Information Flow and Communication Management

Construction projects are always loaded with mountains of paperwork. There are submittals, RFPs, contracts, bills and invoices, permissions, and whatnot. Construction software comes with a dedicated document management module to handle all the paperwork for you.

It enables efficient and secure storage of the information and also efficiently creates reports out of it. These reports deliver valuable insights that help in introspection and refining of processes. Effective communication through CRM and other modules ensures the information is translated to the right people in the most comprehensive format. These software and applications are often accessible from all sorts of devices enabling constant connectivity among the team from anywhere.

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