Difference Between WordPress Hosting And Cloud Hosting

There are several different types of website hosting and it is crucial that you choose the right hosting package for your specific needs. WordPress hosting and cloud hosting are two common types. How do you know which is best for you and your website? To help resolve this, in this article, we will compare the two.

Introduction to WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is exclusively for WordPress websites. WordPress hosting is only the hosting which has been optimized for performance and security to meet the needs of WordPress. It also includes one-click WordPress install to make it easy to get started with WordPress. And some hosting companies will automatically update your WordPress software as needed.

Is it require to have WordPress hosting to run WordPress?

No, it does not require having WordPress hosting to run WordPress. WordPress minimum requirements are fairly insignificant. All you need is a hosting with PHP version 5.2.4 or higher and MySQL 5.0.15 or higher to run WordPress.

Shared WordPress hosting 

Shared WordPress hosting is a more basic type. It is cheaper, it also offers one-click installation of WordPress, and it is generally the best option for personal and static websites. With shared WordPress hosting, your site will share the server with other sites. Your server will still be performance optimized for WordPress, you just won’t have it all to yourself.

Finally, some WordPress hosting will also offer to automatically upgrade your WordPress. Sometimes they will even upgrade your plugins and themes. By keeping your WordPress site updated is an essential security measure, making this type of feature is quite important for your WordPress site.

Shared WordPress hosting usually offers the best discounts on your first billing cycle. But After that, the price jumps back to normal. For the first billing cycle, you can expect to pay as little per month. Then After the first billing cycle, they will charge a higher amount.

Managed WordPress hosting

The managed WordPress hosting typically offers things like:

  • Server-side caching

It is one of the biggest things you can do to speed up your WordPress site. Usually, you need a plugin to handle it, but the managed WordPress hosting provider caching WordPress better with zero work on your end.

  • Better security

You will get a specific WordPress firewall and malware will be regular scans and intrusion detection. All the jargon that means it’s significantly more secure WordPress.

  • Staging sites

Many managed WordPress hosting provide a temporary storage site that lets you easily test changes to your site before they live.

  • Faster speeds

Managed WordPress hosting offer a better hardware specification, which means faster WordPress site.

Introduction to Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting that has become very popular over the last few years. The main concept of cloud hosting is Divide and Rule the necessary resources to keep your website on more than one web server, and given an as-needed basis. This greatly reduces the possibility of downtime in case of damage to the server. Another noteworthy aspect is that cloud hosting allows you to manage the loads easily, without facing any bandwidth issues, since another server can provide additional resources in such cases.

Therefore, your website does not rely on just one server, and rather a cluster of servers that work together and called cloud hosting.

How are cloud hosting Works?

As described above, each server in the cloud hosting helps in carrying out a specific set of tasks, and in the case of failure of any of the servers in the cloud, another server will temporarily kick in as a backup to render the necessary resources.

Something similar happened in the case of an overload condition as well. However, the use of low-quality server and hardware can significantly hamper the performance of your site, and the implementation does not deserve to be tagged with the cloud hosting this type of case usually happen with a cheap hosting provider.

Pros and cons

WordPress Hosting Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for WordPress websites.
  • High-level security Fast and loading speeds.


  • Generally, it is more expensive than cloud hosting.
  • Not suitable for non WordPress sites.

Cloud Hosting Pros and Cons


  • Cloud Hosting is highly scalable.
  • In cloud hosting, you pay only for the resources you use.


  • Difficult to budget your monthly expenses.
  • You must have an internet connection to access your data.

Why You Should Choose WordPress Hosting Over Cloud Hosting 

If you have a WordPress website and don’t want the hassle of a complicated setup or ongoing maintenance, then WordPress hosting is for you.

WordPress hosting is definitely recommended because it can be installed in just one click and automated updates are time-saving but there is no one stopping you from using other types of Hosting India. If you are happy to keep an eye on updates yourself, then you can use anything which you want WordPress hosting or cloud hosting.

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