How To Set A Wi-Fi Extension

6 Ways To Extend Your Wi-Fi Range

Now watching videos at home or exploring the internet has increased a lot. It is impossible to pass a single moment for us to stay with poor connection or without internet. As many people are using WiFi at home now, you have to struggle to get a good WiFi network despite having a good router. Many people are buying better routers or networking systems to get rid of this problem. But a WiFi extension or extender can get rid of that problem easily. You can browse the internet at speeds like spectrum specials without any hassle in any part of the home.

WiFi Extender can bring great internet speed to all parts of your home, even to the garden or balcony. Setting up a WiFi Extender is a tricky matter but following this article will make your job easier. So, without talking much let’s start to jump to the main point.

How To Set A Wifi Extension

Setting up a WiFi extender or extension is not a difficult task. And following the below tricks will make the whole process easier. Just keep the attention and go forward step by step.

1. Choose The Right Model

First, you need to choose the WiFi Extender model. WiFi compact model which is to be used directly on the main plug and another desktop model which you have to set on the desk or shelf. In the desktop model, you will find an Ethernet port or some such extra features. So decide which one will meet your needs. Of course, you have to choose the model according to your budget and weak network location.

2. Plan Ahead

Decide which room you will set up the WiFi Extender. Try to keep your WiFi router as close as possible. Now, most WiFi extenders can connect automatically without a password. But you have to follow the manufacturer’s app and do the next set up following the manual. You need to enter an email address into the app which will make it easier for you to use the app later with a single click.

3. Connect The Wifi Extender

Before connecting to the WiFi Extender app, go to the settings option of your smartphone. You will usually see connections between the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands. Select according to your WiFi extender. If you do not know which one to choose, follow the manual of your wifi extender.

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4. Dual-band WiFi

You can already open the app when you are connected to WiFi Extender. In most cases, you will need to create an account with an email and password. It will then scan your WiFi Extender area and show the available connections. From there you can select your WiFi router or connection. If you have any problem setting up DSL internet, you can take the help of their customer care. They will do their best to help you understand the whole process.

5. Wifi Connection Merging

Now you need to merge the WiFi connection. And that’s why you may have to enter your router’s WiFi password. When your WiFi Extender is turned on where you have a weak connection, you will get a good network. But be sure to keep your WiFi extender in an open space for better speed.

6. Network Name And Coverage

Now you need to fix the name of the WiFi Extender. Choose a name that differs slightly from the name of your WiFi router so that you can understand which one is a WiFi extender. And to get better coverage, keep the WiFi extender in the same position as the router. However, if you open the WiFi Extender app and see that the extender is getting good coverage, then you can also look a little further. That means bringing the extension to your weak network area. Slowly keep the WiFi Extender in a place to your advantage so that it covers the weaker areas better. Then you will always have a good network in all areas.

7. Fix The Range And Complete The Setup

Now, if you have the WiFi extender at your convenience, it will cover all your weak spots and if you need to change the location, you can do that too. This way setting up your WiFi extender is very easy. Be sure to read the manual for the WiFi Extender or extension you bought. Then it will be easier to set up the extender with your WiFi router.

To Sum up…

Nowadays, it is very important to have a proper WiFi network everywhere in the house. And for this, a WiFi Extender is very helpful to cover the whole home. So choose the model of WiFi Extender according to the condition of your home and proceed accordingly. Hopefully, the guide above will help you to get a high-speed wifi network using a wifi extender. Furthermore, if you face any problems, you can let us know.

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