MilesWeb's SelfManaged VPS plan for TechSavvy people

MilesWeb’s Self-Managed VPS plan for Tech-Savvy people

If you plan to opt for a hosting type amongst shared, reseller, dedicated and VPS, VPS Service Providers VPS provides better web hosting features and functionalities.

The VPS servers work as dedicated servers in a shared environment. This web hosting type executes an operating system copy in a sandbox system called the virtual machine. In VPS, one physical server works as multiple virtual servers. These multiple virtual servers work as dedicated servers.

Every dedicated IP has a dedicated CPU and other resources. No other website can access the server resources of your dedicated CPU.

VPS hosting allows you to have an operating system of your choice. VPS is the best suited plan for a growing and busy web application or website.

VPS enables the users to install, run or execute any application, software, script on the server without risk.

You can opt for managed VPS hosting when you are unaware of the technical know-how. The managed VPS hosting plans manages all the server resources like database, SSD disk space, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc. The reason why people opt for managed VPS hosting can be a lack of technical knowledge or business priorities.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Fully managed VPS hosting provides automatic updates, server maintenance, data security, technical support, etc. The user does not have to worry about the technical details and the internet backend.

Some of the limitations of managed VPS hosting are customization is limited, price is high and, hardware/software installation time is more.

Self-Managed VPS hosting

The self-managed or unmanaged VPS hosting provides only the hosting facilities whereas, the client maintains and manages the server resources. The web host provider is responsible for physical server availability. Self-managed VPS provides the client a higher level of freedom to design, manage, and install applications on the server according to the client’s requirements.

Advantages of self-managed hosting


The cost of self-managed VPS hosting is less than fully managed hosting because the client handles the server resources.


The client can manage the level of data security and privacy in VPS self-managed hosting.


The user has the liberty to manage the server according to him. He can install any software or applications on the server.


The client doesn’t need to rely on the hosting service provider for technical support, installation, security issues, etc. The client handles the server without the interference of anyone. The control panels make it easier for the clients to manage the server resources.

From where to get the self-managed VPS plans?

The internet is an ocean of data from where you can know about many hosting service providers. But searching on the internet about the service providers is a tedious and confusing job.

The blog will definitely help you know about the best self-managed VPS provider.

From all the investigation and study about various hosting service providers, MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting service providers furnishing the most high-grade web hosting plans.

MilesWeb is an India-based web hosting company started in 2012. The company expanded drastically, providing the best hosting services at the least cost in the entire hosting market. They believe in customer delight and, customer satisfaction is the path to their success. The company offers best uptime for websites and 24*7 hours full-fledged client support.

What MilesWeb provide in a self-managed VPS plan?

The company has six different plans for unmanaged cloud VPS hosting SMV1, SMV2, SMV3, SMV4, SMV5, and SMV6.

Resources in the base plan:

  • 2vCPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 50GB SSD Disk
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP

Features of self-managed VPS plans

Solid-State Drives

The SSDs provide the finest performance of the VPS server. The SSDs are said to be way better than the legacy HDDs. The SSDs are excessively fast and stable. The flash technology used in SSDs improves the page load speed.

SSH and Root Access

The SSH and root access enable full access to the VPS server. The remote SSH terminals are used for accessing the server environment. The users can access the server through the graphical control panel environment.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

The dashboard is user-friendly and simple to understand, it enables you to monitor memory usage, check server status, handle servers, reboot VPS, etc.

Host Unlimited Sites

Under the same account, you can deploy multiple virtual servers. You can host multiple websites on each virtual server.

Instant Provisioning

The virtual server is set up as soon as the payment is received. The company gives quick services to all their clients. The client doesn’t have to wait for hours or days to get the set up ready from MilesWeb.

No Setup Fee

There is no setup fee for the Linux VPS servers. The company does not charge anything for the deployment of Linux VPS servers.


MilesWeb provides the best self-managed VPS plans, which are powered by the KVM hypervisor. The company provides the best cloud infrastructure features like SSD disk space, high-performing CPUs, SSH and root access, etc. at an affordable cost for people with and without technical background. The best plan is the one you get at least price including multiple functionalities.

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