Testosterone Cypionate: How and Why to Use It in Bodybuilding

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Testosterone Cypionate is another separate ester of testosterone, which is actively used in strength sports. Unlike enanthate and propionate, cypionate does not have a classical half-life. It ranges between four and eight days. Therefore, not everyone can find the optimal use of this ester. But later we will talk about it. Like any other injectable version of testosterone, the cypionate ester has all the positive qualities inherent in this hormone:

  • Good stabilization of the androgen receptor;
  • Differentiated anabolic and androgenic effects;
  • Extraordinary anti-catabolic capacities;
  • Increased organic production of GH and IGF-1;
  • Glycogen supercompensation;
  • Increased number of specific receptors in muscle tissue;
  • Joint lubrication (in progress);
  • Increased production of red blood cells;

Good effect in athletes with different levels of experience in AAS.

Like enanthate, cypionate is readily converted to estradiol and dihydrotestosterone. With all the phenomena that accompany it. Both positive and negative. You can always buy Testosterone Cypionate at a bargain price on the website of the best steroid store.

Properties And Description Of The Drug

For some reason Cypionate is supposed to be the more expensive version of Testosterone Enanthate. It is not. If the ester chain of this ester is closely studied, it becomes clear that it is very similar to that of phenylpropionate. It is true that there are certain differences, but there is not a dramatic difference. Therefore, cypionate can justifiably be called something intermediate between enanthate and propionate.

The final concentration of testosterone after a cypionate injection is observed in 48 hours. You can stay at this level for four to eight days. This uncertainty with the half-life period is the biggest problem with cypionate.

As a monoether, it is smooth and stable. After you stop using it, its level drops equally steadily. The important thing here is to guess the frequency of injections, based on subjective sensations. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll find aromatization in all its glory. And if you delay, you will fall into a hormonal pit and you will regress in your results. But if you guess right, Cypionate will become your favorite testosterone ester. My advice: get to know testosterone by trying propionate and enanthate. And already afterwards, communicate with the cypionate ester.

What is Testosterone? A Complete Guide to Testosterone


GETTING MASS. The situation here is similar to that of enanthate. Cypionate will help you quickly and dramatically increase your body mass (the same 10 kg during the standard course of ten weeks). It is possible to retain about half through a competent selection of food. To avoid side effects it is necessary to follow the dosage Testosterone Cypionate

Cypionate will cause noticeable fluid retention. In some cases, Cypionate retains water more strongly than any other injectable testosterone ester.

It will increase overall performance during training.

  • Speed ​​up recovery.
  • Facilitate the process of increasing strength performance.
  • Provides a pump of blood to the muscles and relief from joint pain.
  • Protects meat from cortisol.

Active conversion of cypionate into estradiol, only for the benefit of mass gain. You will be big, strong and full on a course of this androgen. In addition, bonuses await you in the form of a good mood, high libido, bogatyr sleep and appetite. They are the faithful companions of any testosterone ester. Cypionate begins to work and feel two (rarely three) days after injection. The optimal duration of the course is 10-12 weeks.

DRYING. Again, if you’ve guessed the frequency of injections of this ester, and feel fine with testosterone as such, you can try drying yourself with cypionate as well. But due to strong aromatization, long monoesters are not very suitable for the carcass design period.

PKT. A difficult point. The safest way out is to go get a total testosterone test. Also, you will have to do it several times (most likely). This is in case you were unable to adjust to cypionate quickly. Those who have achieved it will feel for themselves when they need to use regenerative medicines. In general, it is traditionally accepted to start PKT after two half-lives of the active substance. In the case of cypionate, it is 8 to 16 days.

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