Understanding the benefits of a webinar in today's scenario

Understanding the benefits of a webinar in today’s scenario

The evolution in communication technology improvised the access people have to information world over. If you have a reliable internet connection and a laptop you can access a host of webinars to upgrade your skills and learn new ones altogether. Webinars are a replacement for classroom learning or training sessions but from the comfort of your home – the same teacher or professional imparts the skills via a live video streaming, does demonstrations and takes questions.

Be it a theatre workshop, webinars for videography, photography workshops for beginners, an educative class, a cooking class – anyone can access and imbibe knowledgeable information from the comfort of their home.

Webinars are web-based multimedia sessions – these can be seminars, discussions, lessons and demonstrations and are as beneficial as online classes with an access to a wider audience. With the coming of the pandemic, these webinars have become increasingly important and relevant.

Cost-Effectiveness of Webinars

A webinar is more cost-effective for both the organization delivering the session as well as the audience who is learning. One does not need to arrange space for a workshop so no transportation costs and no logistics costs are involved.  At the same time, one does not need to actually drive up to or attend the physical class and can do it from the comfort of their home bringing down costs for the attendees as well.

Flexibility and Convenience of Webinars

Web-based webinar softwares enable the live webinar to be recorded thus allowing it to be viewed at a later date. This type of convenience is not offered by any other medium that imparts education. One may busy at the time of the live webinar but that does not deprive the person of the chance to learn new skills. This flexibility and convenience cannot be emulated by other learning tools.

Attendees, students, event attendees have access to the recorded webinar whenever they get time off. Similarly, the person who is responsible for delivering the seminar and pre-record the session and post it at the scheduled time. Webinars allow people from anywhere in the world to attend as well as teach via this medium.

Interactions Can Remain Anonymous

When you attend a webinar, there is something reassuring about the anonymity associated with it. It gives everyone an equal footing to interact with the teacher enabling more people to participate as compared to a face-to-face session. Often people are shy to ask their queries or respond to questions asked in the class, but on a webinar, this becomes easier thereby improving the constructive discussions in the chat sections, refining the understanding of the class.

A Wider Reach Via Webinars

Through webinars one can reach a wider audience as no one is restricted by geographical constraints. One may have a coveted photography course in New York but if it was not for webinars most aspiring photographers may have never had a chance to be part of the training. Even a workshop in the local area has a limited number of seats allowing only very few to access sought after sessions, but webinars help get rid of these limitations.

Webinars Enable You To Grow Your Network

One of the significant characteristics of webinars is the ability to reach out to a wider audience and share information. This gives everyone who is a part of the webinar an inherent opportunity to reach out to more people and share connects. People can create connections & network with like-minded people from all across the world

Webinars Increase Your Avenues of Learning

Webinars increase the choice of courses one can attend. Sometimes one cannot attend a course as it is not offered in their area or it is too expensive to travel to a different part of the world to attend a course. With the introduction of webinars, one can take courses and attend workshops, regardless of the geographical distance between where they are and the location where the course is being offered. Students can broaden their horizons and gain new skills that can complement their area of study/ interest.

Especially with the pandemic taking over the world, webinars have been a boon to continue the learning and development of an individual virtually. Its importance is much more relevant today than it ever was.

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