What Size Skateboard Should A Girl Get?


Designed For Girls, Skateboards Are Incredibly Unique  

We recommend a size of 7.75. It’s fairly light so it’s easy to play tricks, and the wide width allows you to land comfortably. Also, throughout my time as a skater, I’ve noticed that narrow decks like 7.5s (believe me, there’s a pretty big difference) tend to hurt my feet after about 20 minutes of skating. So it won’t hurt your feet.

But in reality, the size of the deck is all dependent on personal taste. I bounced in different sizes before finally settling at 8. If you’re skating, get on your friends’ boards of different sizes and choose the one that’s most comfortable for you.

Also, ensure your safety while studying. It is advisable to wear a helmet or other protective equipment, at least until you learn how to ollie. Until then, your riding skills should be very good.

Most importantly, have a lot of fun. For example, SUPER can be frustrating, so don’t give up no matter how frustrating it may be. For example, it took me six months to learn Ollie’s method, but after that I was able to sail smoothly with all the other basic tricks.

The size of the skateboard also plays an important role in making the skateboarding journey fun and exciting. So what size skateboard should girls get?

Different Sizes Are Intentionally Made For Different Types Of Riders.

Certainly 7.75. It’s much easier to put the board in the air and rotate it at this size. The recommended size is 8.0, but many skates are quite large anyway.

I go with 8×31.

Below 7.875s, it’s getting harder and harder to find. Many skate companies don’t build that many skate companies unless they have team riders who prefer smaller decks.

Learning quickly with standard size makes it easier as you get older, as you don’t have to change to a larger size and get used to your size again.

I’ve always been skating 8 inches since I was little, but 8 inches was a very good midpoint and now I know I can work in any size.

The board size really depends on your comfort. However, we recommend that you try 7.5 or 8.

When I started skateboarding (even now), I liked the fact that no one skateboarded, so I played at noon. I always skate from 9am to 1pm or 2pm. But if you’re lucky, you can find a place to skate in a less crowded area. Let’s start cruising! If you feel comfortable enough on the board, take it to a skatepark or do a flat ground trick.

Skateboard Size Guide for Girls

Choosing and choosing an electric skateboard deck will be much easier if you have enough information and knowledge about skateboard size guides.

Choosing and choosing a skateboard deck will be much easier if you have enough information and knowledge about skateboard size guides.


What size skateboard should girls get? The size of the skateboard a girl needs to get is based on age, height and shoe size. It’s also a choice of color, style and design, but it’s a good idea to choose the right deck based on your skating style and technique.

Follow the guidelines above when choosing the right size for you. That way, you won’t make any mistakes. I hope you found this article useful. Have fun and ride safely!


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