Why You Should Buy Bitcoin with A VPN

Why You Should Buy Bitcoin with A VPN

Wherever you go online, you are potentially at risk. As soon you are connected to the internet, you automatically send and receive data. The data exchange occurs automatically during your interaction with the internet of things. And that makes you vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hackers truly love to collect personal information to misuse it for their purposes. Any information you leave online can potentially be abused. That goes for online banking and payments via credit card as much as for buying bitcoin. Fortunately, there are ways to shield you and keep you safe, like a VPN Bitcoin such as this one.

Encrypting your connection

As soon as you log onto the internet with a VPN, your connection is automatically encrypted. None of the data your computer sends or receives and anyone else can see that. It may not matter much to you if you’re just chatting online with a friend since also this data would be encrypted. That is if you’re switching on your VPN. If not, hackers may probably not be as excited about personal chats, but they can read anything you say.

In turn, they can use that info they’re gathering from a simple conversation later. That purpose could include identity theft.

As pretty much all parts of our lives are moving more and more online, we do more online. We process our payments online, we shop online, and we also take advantage of online banking. If you’re not using a VPN for your online banking, again, that information is vulnerable to attacks. The same goes for the point when you buy Bitcoin. Contrary to your bank, which is responsible for adding several security layers to fight off attacks, it’s ultimately your responsibility with cryptocurrency. You are your bank. Once you realize this important fact, you know you have to add extra security to your VPN Bitcoin connection.


Isn’t crypto safe?

Whereas cryptocurrencies themselves are hard to hack or duplicate for fraudulent acts, everything around crypto is vulnerable to attacks. If you buy Bitcoin, which you can mostly do only online, you’ll have to use a credit card or online banking. Just a few exchanges, which are the only way to buy crypto at all, accept Paypal. None of these three payment methods are safe, and your accounts could be raided before you know it. There are some shops that offer to sell you bitcoin personally. However, there are only very few of them, and some countries have banned crypto altogether.

If you don’t live in a big city where you might be able to find a physical exchange to buy bitcoin, you’re bound to fall back on online businesses. Those are also typical targets for cyber attacks as they simply are an exchange where one can potentially steal value. Even if you found the best and safest crypto exchange, each trade has a vulnerability hackers do eventually expose. The cryptocurrency itself is secure, but exchanges and online wallets, including transactions, hardly ever are. Only a transaction of bitcoins is the safer payment method at present. Additionally, some Bitcoin addresses (of crypto wallets) are transparent to be seen by other people. It supposedly shall ease the usability for transactions, but it puts you into a vulnerable corner – again. That includes all purchases you make online, also buying VPN with Bitcoin.


Your wallet should be safe

Your wallet for cryptocurrencies is a virtual wallet with two addresses. One address is to receive Bitcoin, Etherium, et al., and the other is to send crypto, such as buying VPN Bitcoin. Without using a reputable VPN service, you provide cybercriminals with the opportunity to discover your Bitcoin address via your IP and find more info about your true identity. However, with a VPN Bitcoin, your IP address is hidden, and all of your data is hard to both track and intercept. That also means that no one can find out where your computer is currently along with you.

Someone can find your Bitcoin address can potentially, but neither your IP nor your location or any other sensitive data. Moreover, you should never use the wallet of exchange to keep your crypto. As previously mentioned, someone can hack the conversation. Your other personal info might be safe, but not your cryptos that have an actual cash value these days.


Always buy Bitcoin with a VPN

Buying Bitcoin is like any other financial transaction you make. If you’re at the stock market, you buy shares and should as well use a VPN for those transactions. In online banking, you should always use a VPN if you don’t already use one for that purpose. When you’re doing online banking and using a VPN for that purpose, at least, the question would rather be why you’re not using a VPN when you buy Bitcoin. Should your government have banned cryptocurrencies, you will have to use a VPN anyway.

Otherwise, you can’t buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. While a VPN is the best security measure you can put in place for purchasing Bitcoin, don’t forget about further actions. These would entail buying a VPN with Bitcoin to keep your payment information private. But also to store your cryptos offline. Some prefer rather handy desktop wallets. However, you should keep in mind that someone can potentially hack your computer as well. Hence, a ledger or a paper wallet is the safer place for crypto’s cold storage until you need or want to spend them.


Should you decide to buy Bitcoin with an exchange app, you’d have to run a VPN, too. Even though it’s on your mobile, modern devices are like a mini-computer. As you go online with your mobile, you also automatically send and receive data. It has already happened to more than enough people that their smartphones are not capable of protecting their safety. You’re by miles safer with a VPN Bitcoin app than your smartphone on its own. And don’t forget to open dodgy attachments or click on dubious links you may receive via other chat apps or email.

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