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WPS Spreadsheet- Perform Complex Data Calculation And Analysis

WPS Office Is A Totally Free Office Suite

WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft) is a totally free office suite that comprises a Word processor, spreadsheet application, and presentation software. Sheets, Writer, and Presentation are all compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is available on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Advertisements are displayed in the interface, and are not in Dutch! This means that WPS Office can open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. In addition, it is able to convert PDF files into Word. WPS Office has a familiar interface and provides a lot of options similar to other office programs provide.

WPS Office is made in China. Apart from a Windows version There are also no-cost Android and iOS apps that you can edit office files. Office Suite is available only in English and doesn’t accept the document formats open that are used in LibreOffice as well as OpenOffice. However, the compatibility of Microsoft Office files with Microsoft Office documents is often appreciated.

What Is WPS Spreadsheet?

WPS Spreadsheets, part of WPS Office is a tool that lets users complete complex data calculations and analyses. It is designed to work with Microsoft Excel and possesses an interface like the former. It comes with a wide array of formulas built-in and a variety of functions that aid in the analysis of data. Additionally, it has an encryption feature and an integrated PDF converter, and much more. WPS Spreadsheets can meet maximum needs for data analysis. It provides evidence-based support you need to support your decision-making when you weigh the various options. It offers diagrams, charts, illustrations as well as other tools for analysis which make it simple and easier to show your findings.

Features Of WPS Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel 2013 | Download Excel 2013 | Microsoft Office

100 formulas that are commonly used. The topics include Mathematics, Finance, Economics, Engineering, and many more. There are a variety of functions available. Sorting, conditional expressions, consolidating, and filtering for instance.

  • Multiple summary results are displayed in an indicator bar.
  • Smart Contraction
  • AutoComplete Function
  • Group Create and Cancel Hyperlinks
  • Multi-tab Interface.
  • Set Encryption for Your Documents
  • Built-in PDF Converter.
  • Send Files as Email Attachment Directly

Transfer Spreadsheet Data From Multiple Rows To Columns Or Vice Versa

In WPS Spreadsheets when working using data that is listed in rows when you need to transform the data into columns. Just download excel free and enjoy the useful features. In this scenario, you’ll have to utilize the paste option in Spreadsheets. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the worksheet in which you intend to transform data Select the data that you want to rearrange. It is necessary to select all rows or column labels, then press Ctrl+C.

Step 2: Place the cursor in an additional cell where you would like the data rearranged to be pasted. then right-click on the mouse and choose Paste Special menu. You can also navigate to Home > Past, select the drop-down arrow next to paste and select the Paste Special menu.

Ensure that you’ve made sure you’ve used ensure that you have used the Copy option. If you have tried the Cut command but the option for transpose is not present, it is not available. If you’ve got a lot of data that you want to transpose it may be easier to use the TRANSPOSE function. It is useful when you just need to convert a small row into columns or reverse.

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