Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Security Camera Systems


As home or commercial building owners, you need to set a purpose and reason, why you will buy security cameras and where you would like to use this device. This is actually the primary basis for you to figure out what you would like to install indoors or outdoors. However, after determining this, there are a lot of things, especially the features that must be greatly considered. Actually, these also will depend on your personal preferences as a homeowner or your needs for the business. That’s why it is very important to identify your goals.

Other people might just buy a device without a clear plan. They may also pick any item that might look fine to them. But to choose one should not be that lax. You may first consult an expert from the https://athena-security.com, so that you will have an idea on how this particular CCTV works. They will explain everything about this security camera and what it is for. I supposed, we are all aware about the function of this technology, right? But again, you should also know that the features of each device vary. You can’t expect every model or brand to work the same way.

This only means that when you are choosing the best security camera for your homes or business locations, you should check the features well. This is an essential step that you should put into a great consideration because this will determine how powerful your device would be. With this, you can get the monitoring, surveillance, safety and crime prevention purposes that you are looking for.  Now, if you think that this would be very helpful, then we have a few features here, which you should check before availing what you want to be installed in your property.

Night Vision and Motion Detection

Most of the crimes like robbery happen during the night. Therefore, it would be ideal to choose a device with a night vision. With this, the recordings will still be clear, even when the lighting is low. Of course, you do not need to set this manually because it is usually switched automatically.

It would be great to detect motion, whether the room or surrounding is empty or not – find out how this innovation helps. With this feature, there would be sensors that are built into the device. Whatever movement within the field of view will be recorded.

Quality or Resolution and the Field of View

The quality as well as the resolution of the cameras, are very important factors here. It would be great looking at clear captured videos for identification, surveillance and monitoring purposes. Through the high quality of the recordings, then you will be able to identify intruders.

When it comes to the resolution, you must choose at least 1280 x 720 pixels or better yet, it would be best to compare the different resolutions. While those who can afford a better resolution may go for full HD at 1920 x 1080 pixels or even higher.

I suggest you to choose a higher angle for viewing, if you would like the best coverage for your field of view. You may start from 120 to 180 degrees, but this isn’t the best. Therefore, it would be ideal to have the ones with 355-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical rotations.


There isn’t much problem with the weather when installing these security cameras indoors. It won’t get wet or won’t be too exposed from the sun.

However, if you wish to install this outdoors, then it has to deal with the weather. That’s why it is important for this to be weatherproof. With this feature, you won’t need to worry about the season whenever it is changing.


There are also security cameras, which are designed with audio detection or recognition – check https://www.biometricupdate.com/201911/amaryllo-launches-biometric-security-camera-with-voice-recognition for this. This might be more expensive than the usual devices, which only record videos. But it would be better to detect and recognize sounds, too.

This may be built with a one-way audio, where sounds are detected, while recording the footage. The other is two-way audio, where sounds can be recognized and you will be able to speak using this device as well.


In line with the motion detection feature, it would be great to receive notifications that will alert you of the noticeable movements at home. With this, you will be able to receive the notifications via SMS or email.

I supposed, you would like to have this up, especially when you are often out of the house. By the way, if your security camera can also detect deadly weapons or with voice recognition systems, then it would be great to have something to alert you.

Recording and Storage

Now, you have to know where the recordings will be saved. You need to check the availability of the storage. Will you use a hard drive or a memory card? By the way, you can upload it directly through Cloud – click this to learn how. These are very important, too, because without a storage, then you won’t be able to use this to present as an evidence.

It is true that you may be able to watch what is happening, but when a crime happened, then it will be helpful in solving a case. Sometimes, you may not be home and would like to check the activities during your absence, then it would be easier to view the missed moments.

Secured Guarantee

We cannot also avoid hackers, who would like to try on hacking your system. They might want to see the activities in the area or might want to delete stored data. However, we can prevent this, if your device is secured with encrypted transmission of data.

Actually, this is an essential feature because you would not surely want other people to be watching what your CCTV is recording. It is a way of invading your privacy, too, especially if this is installed at home. These individuals surely have bad intentions. Therefore, make sure that no IT expert can ever hack your system and learn how to prevent the hacking, to fully enjoy your safety.

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