Why Hiring a Sitecore Developer is Beneficial For The Company?

There is a need for best Sitecore developers in the market and a constantly increasing shortage. Every company and every organization today wants to hire dedicated programmers. When you hire Sitecore developers, it is a plus point for your business.

In this blog, we will conduct an in-depth study of what a dedicated development team means and why you must hire Sitecore developers for your business.

What is a Dedicated Development Team Model?

A dedicated development team means a company hires a team of developers for working exclusively on their project. A dedicated development team is comprised of a project manager, software developers and also QA engineers.

These developers are chosen as per the requirements of the clients based on their experience, skillsets and proven record. It is up to the client whether to manage the team from their side or to assign the project manager of the company they have hired for their project.

A dedicated team model usually has a very simple pricing system (which is also very transparent) where there are monthly payments. These monthly payments are also dependent on the team size.

When the scope of the project is not defined and requirements are changing, it is best to hire a dedicated team. The main objective behind the dedicated model is to get an external team providing seamless expertise and assistance to the in-house teams.

When it comes to Sitecore development, you must look for Sitecore developers for hire in order to find the best in the industry for your business.

Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team Model

There are major advantages of hiring a dedicated development team model, especially when you are planning for Sitecore development. Here are a few advantages your company will get when you hire Sitecore developers:

  • It is cost-effective
  • You get access to global talent
  • You have complete control
  • Requests can be changed
  • Time-zone advantage
  • There is increased productivity
  • Agility in approach
  • Quick turnaround time
  • You also get maintenance and support

1. It is Cost-effective

Usually when you hire a team of developers, it includes the costs of office spaces, onboarding and training, and other expenses. But dedicated development teams are remote, offshore and incur fewer costs without compromising the work quality.

You do not have to spend time interviewing each candidate or hand-picking them when there is a requirement. You just have to give the scope and the needs of the project and the development company will provide you with a team that is best suited to your needs.

2. You get Access to Global Talent 

When you are hiring a dedicated development team, you get the opportunity of hiring from anywhere around the world. The possibilities are endless. You get the access to the global pool of talent and skills and this way you can optimize the resources and enhance the capabilities for your project.

For an example, if you are looking for Sitecore developers for hire, you can always rely on companies from India who provide Sitecore development.

3. You Have Complete Control

You can have complete control over deciding on workflows and how to communicate and drive the project. Hiring a dedicated team is very similar to having an in-house team where you will get the resources working for your team and your project.

4. Requests Can be Changed

As the scope of the project is usually not defined strictly when it comes to a dedicated development team, you can even change the requests or the requirements. The team will work accordingly and provide you with the results.

5. Time-zone Advantage

One of the major advantages of having a dedicated development team model is the fact that you get teams working in different time-zones, too. This will be helpful in not only completing the project but also in allowing you to provide services or work on the project in any time-zone.

6. There is Increased Productivity

Productivity and speedy work progress is essential in software development.  A dedicated development team is accustomed to working for different companies and adjusting quickly to different projects. They bring with them a vast amount of experience, skills and most importantly efficiency to finish projects quickly and with quality.

7. Agility in Approach

An in-house team may or may not possess agility but a dedicated team always have agility and flexibility. They provide precision and quality work without losing control of any work. They can dedicate their time towards projects and work on other things at the same time without hindering the quality of their work.

8. Quick Turnaround Time

Dedicated teams are used to working in optimized environments for a smooth and timely completion of projects. You just have to be very clear when setting goals and timelines.

9. You Also Get Maintenance and Support

When you hire dedicated developers, you also get competent support during and after the work is implemented. Your staff will of course be explained and trained on the new systems but there will always be support and maintenance available.


Hiring a dedicated team of developers is very beneficial to your business as it brings with itself a list of advantages that will allow your business flexibility, better skill sets for projects, and most importantly, you will have a cost-benefit.

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