How Can Small Businesses Respond To Covid-19?

Very suddenly, everything has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world. People are in quarantine, businesses are closing as cities shut down to contain the spread, and everyone is expecting a dip in the economy. What can digital marketing agencies in Auckland do for small businesses, and what can we expect to see?

What We Know Now 

What does the world look like now? People are panicking but staying indoors, which is the best way to prevent exposure to and spread of the virus. Unfortunately, many businesses are suffering already. Their solution to the problem of having no customers walking through their doors is this: they’re doing everything they can to move onto an online platform so that they can still earn money and provide their much-needed services to people at home.

Gyms, for example, are closed and hosting online workshops. They’re also streaming yoga and workout classes that people can do from home. Universities are uploading videos of their glasses for students to use online, and people are hosting other forms of workshops to teach specific skills that people can learn, such as art, sewing, woodwork and more. Suddenly, the world has become filled with enterprising men and women, marketing new services online. It might be a sign of how things will change in future even after the coronavirus has been contained. In fact, digital marketing agencies in Auckland are gearing up to see an increase in online businesses requiring their services.

What Can Small Businesses Do To Stay Afloat?

It’s a challenging time for small businesses. Small business owners are paying mortgages and school fees, but suddenly can’t now that work is drying up. So what can you do to remain positive and stay afloat?

See Where Your Competition Is Cutting Back 

It’s always a good idea to look at what your competitors are doing to gain insight. In this instance, look at where they’re cutting back. Are they cutting expenses, closing doors, implementing a work-from-home policy? For one, they’re most likely slowing down and reducing costs. If you see them providing little to no communication with new consumers, you can take that responsibility onto yourself. When life gets back to normal, people will remember the service provider who stayed in contact and engaged when people were feeling their most helpless and lonely in quarantine.

Note That Online Activity Has Spiked 

With more people at home and separated from friends and family, remember that they’ll be online more than ever before. This is a great time to contact your digital marketing agencies in Auckland to start beefing up your social media and email marketing, online ads and content creation. Advertise where your target market is, and provide well-informed and relevant content that can keep them busy and thinking of your business.

Think Long-Term 

Even just to keep spirits up, remember that this state of events is not going to be forever. Eventually, the COVID-19 pandemic will be contained, and life will continue. Hopefully, your digital marketing efforts will bear fruit as people start placing orders and requesting quotes. Your small business is not closing down; it’s just on pause. In the long-term, things will pick up again.

Relying on your digital marketing agencies in Auckland during the time of the coronavirus is one of the best ways that small businesses can stay afloat. Planning for the future and keep your hopes up will ensure that you have a line of customers waiting to do business with you when the global outbreak has been contained.

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