STS-Elionix Offers the World’s First 125KV Lithography System Here are the Features To Expect

STS Elionix is the global leader when it comes to manufacturing Electron Beam Lithography systems. The manufacturer of EBL solutions has announced the first 125kv lithography system. In this article, we review the features offered by the STS Elionix 125 KV lithography system:

Here are the Key Features of Elionix 125 KV Lithography System:

  • Built with 5 nm linewidth guaranteed at 125 KV.
  • Features 1.7 nm beam diameter and a minimum proximity effect at 125 kV
  • Supports a superior large field writing with uniform 10 nm lines in the entire 500um field
  • Has a small beam diameter even at the high beam current with a high throughput without compromising on resolution
  • Features a user-friendly interface with CAD and the SEM interfaces on windows

The 125 KV lithography system comes with the power to pattern lines down to the 5 nm and high throughput. Therefore, Ebeam technology features an ability to keep up with the pace of pioneering research. The 125 KV electron beam technology is proof that SYTS Elionix comes with a great development history and has a unique approach towards electron beam lithography technologies.

Are you interested in other EBL Lithography systems from STS Elionix? Let us look at the different systems available from the manufacturer.

Electron Beam Lithography System HS50 | STS-Elionix

The ELS — F150

Here are the key features of the ELS F150:

  • Comes with a 4 nm linewidth providing a guaranteed 150 KV
  • The 1.5 nm beam diameter with a minimum proximity effect of 150 KV
  • Has a wider process margin compared to the 125 KV making it easier to fabricate the advanced nanodevices
  • Built with a single cassette auto-loader supporting up to 8 inches wafers which is the standard, multi-cassette autoloader.

The ELS 150 is rated as the world’s first 150 KV electron beam lithography system with up to 150 kV. The ELS — F150 expands on the 100 kV and the 125 KV systems. Lastly, the ELS-F-150 enables single-digit nanoscale device fabrication.


Another EBL lithography system built by STS Elionix is the ELS-S50EX, which comes with a 10 nm minimum line width. The ELS-S50EX features a 20bit DAC providing a high beam positioning resolution. The component comes with automated operating functionality and has a small footprint.

Built to ensure high performance, the 50KV Electron beam lithography system has the ability to deliver an impressive resolution with minimal field stitching error. In addition, the system serves a wide variety of lithography applications including electronic devices, optical devices, integrated circuits, MEMs parts, and much more. Ideally, the ELS-S50EX comes with a space-saving advantage thanks to its small footprint.

Electron beam lithography is a technology that spans a wide range of nanostructured devices. The devices include but are not limited to electronic devices and optoelectronic devices, quantum structures, the metamaterials,  among others. The technology offers a higher resolution patterning compared to the UV, X-ray, or electron beam lithography.

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