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Computer Software Inventories

These are the things are the things that are included or needed in a business which holds computers to process data and use some data just to process such businesses with customers. This thing helps computers to be more secured for the data privacy policies which are implemented by government which results for the customers not to be hacked or even disturbed.

Things That Are Included Or Needed In Software Inventories

  • Unused software licenses – this are the things that shows the installed software which have not been used for a certain period with program name, date of installation, location of installation, vendor and even the version.
  • Instant messenger and Chat application – Shows Endpoints that have Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, Trillian Or Other IM applications that are installed, location of installation, vendor and even the version.
  • Startup Programs – view of list of windows startup programs on remote computer with name, command, location of registration and user.
  • Web Browser – Shows endpoints that Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or even other Web browsers installed with location of installation, vendor and even the version.
  • Cloud storage Applications – shows endpoints that have Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, or more installed, with location of installation, vendor and even the version.
  • Windows services list – list of windows services with name, display name, description, path, process ID, status, start mode, windows service account or more,
  • Installed software – it is the software list that can be installed on endpoints with software details like location, product name and date of installation, vendor and version.
  • Installed Windows Drivers – show the list of windows system that are installed and device drivers with name, display name, path, started, start mode state status.
  • Running processes – shows running processes on multiple remote computers with name, command line, date of creation, description, executable path, processed and Thread count.

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And as you register to,  you would be able to experience to have all of this, and you will be able to secure the data inside your network, system, hardware or even software, and at the same time protection with your permission is main objective, in which you will be able to secure you’re your customers data and avoid system shutdown because of the viruses that may come inside your software or even hardware. This comes to you with day to day basis of reports that is being informed without delay for your worry to be remove from the circle.

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