Why Businesses Would Require Google Search Api?

Whether you run a SEO business or have a SEO tools website, the ability to track and report back to customers the Google rankings for their particular keywords happens to be a crucial part of the services you provide.

You could always do a manual Google search here and then sift through the results to determine where your client’s website is ranked on Google SERPs, but you certainly would not want to do that, this is where the feature of Google Search API comes into play.

If you enjoy access to search tracking API, you can embed search data for keywords and websites in your own app and websites and provide customers with the key performance indicators that they are looking for. A Google SERP checker API also provides insights that businesses require to refine their SEO campaigns for outstanding results.

Why would You Require SEO Data?

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The demand for up-to-date and accurate SEO data is limitless. SEO services need to monitor the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns, e-commerce portals need to monitor the position of their own products and the status of their competitor’s products, affiliate marketers require it to check to position of their websites, in fact, everyone with a Web presence would want to know where their websites are ranking in Google and other leading search engines.

What Is An API?

In this case, an API is basically a 3rd party code that a website or application can pass parameters to/receive data from. A Google search checking API, for instance, takes all the vital keywords that are being entered on a site and return the latest Google ranking for those keywords.

What Does Google Search API do?

The best SEO search API services generally offer a number of different APIs that can be used on websites and applications, altogether. Some of the key types of SEO searching APIs are:

  • Rank Tracking API – It helps return the latest ranking for a specific keyword for a particular location.
  • SERP API – It returns top search engine results for a specific keyword
  • Keyword data API – It helps return keyword stats that businesses would otherwise look up manually using Google AdWords planner, such as average cost per click, search volumes, and the gym of competition for that keyword.

Why Businesses Require A Google Search API?

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SEO search API offers SEO services an opportunity to add more value to their services. They can use the features of an API to plan robust SEO campaigns, provide professional reporting services to their clients, or simply add SEO data services to their portfolio to attract more customers. Moreover,   using APIs proves to be a cost-effective option.

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